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 Feb 2021 t
Eshwara Prasad
 Feb 2021 t
Eshwara Prasad
From my rejection to
felicitation you
sneaked in between.
 Feb 2021 t


propels the eye
to see

what it could not see

in dreams.

the cave


some lifetimes
most lifetimes

cannot widen its mouth.

to step out
to stretch wide
to feel the grass
and the sand

leaves one
with no other option

but to use one's own feet

to stand.

the walls of support are gone.
 May 2019 t
Shofi Ahmed
The sun is with the paintbrush
ambling down the river blue.
See, your eyes are the mirror
in between the earth and sky duo.

Bask in the open air theatre
eye on spread out with colour.
Indulge in, with a slice of summer
you got the brightest star, the light
on your canvas, you got the clue.
Now draw your way through
art yours in between the two!
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Unconditional
 May 2019 t
a storm (haiku)
 May 2019 t
eyes of ocean blue
grayed by darken skies cry rain
drown in flooding waves
a storm of sad thoughts
 May 2019 t
no one
 May 2019 t
he was here last night
in my bed
his chest rising and falling against my back

our heartbeats in sync
skin warm

it felt so wrong

he isnt you

he is no one
trying to fill that gap sux
 May 2019 t
 May 2019 t
Goodnight my love,
Even though the moon's
Greeting comes
to separate us,
I will always love you.
Our bond that was
Formed by Fate
Can never be broken
Because with each
Setting sun
You enter
My dawdling mind
And my heart begins
To sing songs
Like the birds of
early morn

— The End —