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Tahirih Manoo Oct 2017
When the petals had decayed
When the leaves had scorched     When the stalk had withered
When only thorns had remained
Your love was still untarnished

4:43 pm. Wed, 11th Oct, 2017.
Whats in a name? That which we call a rose , by any other name would smell as sweet~ W.S.
  Sep 2017 Tahirih Manoo
Clutch tight the tail of the sun.
Shed your tethers
and take that ride into the next.

Redeem the possibility
of limitless tomorrows.
Because today was meant to happen
and yesterdays were never meant
to weigh you down.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
A dragon spits a flame
Out flies your name
It Alone brings shame
You've Failed again at its game
The beast, hard to tame
Sees you all as one in the same
Legs limp and your grip lame
In distress, dearest dame
One Strike, it never misses it aim.

2:07 am . Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
Awakened by her vibrations

His molten rocks sputter,

Preferring to remain undisturbed.

Boiling, brewing, he begun erruption.

Amused by volcano's reaction

she listens and watches,no retaliation.

Considering her own stormy nights

when her lightning bolts strike thrice;

When her clapping of thunder

revolts even the sages

(both above and under).

She places a palm outwards,

blows kisses of cool wind,

To greet his fury,

His sweet love remembered.

His embers, with a smile, are pardoned.

She showers his projecting magma-

With droplets of chilled agua.

Awaited patiently for his red to cool,

to be brown, with help from yellow sun;

So that his lava could reconnect with outer earth-green.

Using a drifting veer she carries a charming flower seed and lays it beside him,

Soft petals soon blossom, rosy and pink.

They both smile gently,
now glowing for each other.

The volcano and Storm are forever in love, in flare and submerged;

Growing compassion and understanding of each other's plates and waves.

Yet neither may burn nor drown

but somehow remain facing the other-

At the very tip of their forbidden lips' kiss- for this day, tomorrow and in endlessness.

1:55am . Thurs, 24th, August, 2017.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
In white water lilies ;
Miniature specks of radiant light
Swim in clear water of minerals, nestled by honey brown soil of nourishing elements
Engulfed by inner petals of delicate but impenetrable comfort
Transported by wise ripples along a translucent rectangle
Eager to drop off the water-fall edge of the plane
To fall as rain and unto its chosen carrier
Of whom shall be called its mother
Waiting to start developing physically after the essence of the mother's choice is fused with her very own jewel
The essence belonging to whom it will call father.
12:57 am . Monday, 21st, August, 2017.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
Golden goblet fills itself with sparkling water
Granting eternal life to one who sips slowly
Quenches thirst, giving more light years-
To the deserving drinker who stumbles upon it

Unsatisying and insatiable
Taking away all your days-
To the undeserving drinker hungry for power

Its magical grandeour versus its life ******* curse-
Is a fate determined by the living, luminous vessel.

Sparkle sparkle sparkle...
12:23 am . Monday, 21st , August, 2017.
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