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Poetry Jul 2018
Come in all

Come and

They are tempory

Your pain
Is tempory too
We all have that voice that says we aren't sick, that we are acting. Mental illnesses are valid and they ******* us more than a broken leg ever could. With a broken leg we can't walk, but with a broken mind, crutches are harder to come by.
Emily Apr 2015
I wish that I
Could take your hands from off your eyes and help you find
the sun
I'll try
to open up the drapes and let the light in
on a face that's since been shadowed by a dark and gloomy past
and a mind that has a tendency to shatter like glass
Maybe you and I
could find some peace someplace with open windows
when I come undone I try to find the sun
So tonight
I think you need some light
Let me find some light
For Chad

— The End —