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Death by Decoy Jul 2017
Natural selection
Survival of the fittest
What morals and ethics
Did our ancestors test?
How did evolution
Make us one of the best?
Psychological development,
Nature and nurture;
They knew what it meant:
We'll evolve further into the future.
But be warned of downfalls on occasion:
A reckless reaction
A spark of destruction
Might eventually be triggered
When human nature
Is more sure of its environment
than it is with itself.

Be warned. This is how world wars began.
Death by Decoy Jul 2017
So I;

I move in the same pace as the river.
I flow along with it as I keep a shiver;
Ignoring all the rocks that come my way,
so never will I be in one place to stay.

Yet you;

You struggle against the fast moving water.
You flow against it with a sturdy little quiver;
Using the rocks as so to keep you at bay,
then breathe a sigh of contentment and stay.
Death by Decoy Jul 2017
Unsure of control,
Her feelings soon burst
And she had kept it in;
Similar to that of water
Spilling inside
A bag
That is waterproof
She does find it uncomfortable
Death by Decoy Jul 2016
In warfare they met
The importance of mercy
Repentant soldiers
  Jul 2016 Death by Decoy
i'm just a conflation
of swollen lips
and drunken midnights
Death by Decoy Jul 2016
A busy, coffee-smelling Sunday morning
With noisy banters while cooking and dining
Natural gatherings with our parents
A time to fix the little cracks and bents

But alas, my father is under the soil
While mother uses her time to toil
And I am left in my own devices
Do try to imagine how everyday is

And oh, please try to remember albeit
I am not a sad child at all, at least not yet
For I always reason, not in deceit,
That my family isn't broken, just incomplete
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