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Anya Nov 2018
It is the fate of the kind
If they wish it to be
To see as the blind
Not a nations decree
JV Beaupre May 2016
The Standard Model is full of sticky, quirky Quarks,
perky little Fermions, and the Boson Higgs,
the reigning King of Mass of towering might;
who, by spontaneously falling off in any old direction,
gives ad hoc Masses to nearly all, and to all a birthright.

And for all normal matter in creation,
the Boson Higgs is the physicist's salvation.
Alas, we could have learned more,
but a Weasel ate through the Collider core.
Commentary on the Standard Model of Particle Physics.
Commemorates the 2015 shutdown due to animal intrusion.
Thomas Maltuin May 2015
I thought I'd post a poem today
though i know not what about

but then i heard the little bird say
tweet tweet gibberish harmony pout

I look around at all the bad poetry
and sigh with such relief

I'm glad that my words of maple tree
are eloquent beyond belief
collaboration poetry with ******-Delic

— The End —