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Lotus May May 20
I listen to my heart
and fall prey to
its whimsical detours
the way it marvels
at everything different
then naively
opens its hands wide
it gets blindsided
by love and then
forgot it ever happened

I listen to my mind
its cynical voice tells
me to put up walls
and don’t wish for
what I can’t have
everything is calculated
with fear and doubt
it drowns in loneliness
but at least that’s safer
than believing in love
Miliswa Apr 2016
Let's have a heart to mind,
just you and I.

You know me,
but I am you.
You forget that sometimes,
when you get caught up in the shallow.

We grew together but far from each other.
You thought yourself into a corner.
I felt myself into a rut.
We're constantly pulling apart.

We're the same person, but
my emotions are big and your logic too narrow
to occupy the same space
We're alive together, but exist alone.

You take over the day,
and I can only come out by night.
You are what they want to see,
but I am who you should be.

Is there a way to reconcile
the dreams I misplaced and the ambition you found?
Could we ever find that common ground
we lost in between two separate lives lived as one?

We could come together,
Heart and Mind.
You'll tell me your fears,
and I'll show you, my struggles.

So let's have a heart to mind,
just you and I.
Because I am you,
and you are me.

Mind meet Heart,
and Heart meet Mind.

— The End —