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The Truth Jul 2016
In your eyes, I see that single tear
The same tear that holds all your fears
The tear you're too scared to let fall
So you keep yourself busy hoping to stall
I see in your eyes, how much they want to rain
Doubt if your whole life was just all in vain
Sealing away this unbearable pain
Holding so tight, you feel like you're insane
So you turn to the only pleasure you can gain
And you watch as your steel turns crimson strain
Finding it too much for one to cope
You feel to end it all with a rope
So are you tie and strengthen that knot
You think of sorrow, and all that it brought
Think of all the opportunities lost
And how it all came at a cost
So now that you have said goodbye to your friends
It is time that you take you life, and make it end
The Truth Jul 2016
I've tried so hard, to live my life
Yet every time I tried, it became strife
I've dried up my own two eyes
Laying down awaiting to die
I'm stuck in telling all these lies
Writing my letter for my final goodbye
The life I lived wasn't always a bad one
But I'm fed up, I'm finally done
So keep on calling, I'll let the phone ring
Because I am busy, as the angels sing
They sing a song, as I pass the viel
Regretting the things I could never tell
My mind is clouded, stuck in a fog
Webs cover the gears and the cogs
Being eaten from the inside out
I'm still dying, yet I cannot shout
So I guess its time to face destiny
I apologize but, Death Awaits Me
The Truth Jul 2016
Don't let me disappear into another memory
I ask for you, please do not forget me
I'm already lost, confused in the dark
My life, my soul, are waiting to embark
Once I leave, do not forget me
Do not worry, I will finally be free
I find it hard to drop a tear
Waiting for the day you can join me here
Its time for me, to finally drop dead
Bleeding out with the bullet in my head
Wishing I could take my blade and make it end
To help understand what others can't comprehend
So once I'm gone, please don't let me fade
Don't forget me, or the memories we've made
Carry on, but please remember me
I'll be watching from under the willows tree
This is a confusing poem, I made it in hopes to help people see how hard depression can hit teenagers
The Truth Jul 2016
Can you see me, or are you blind?
Maybe I am just an image of your mind?
I think I'm lost, waiting to be found
Stuck in these chains forever bound
Can you see me yet, or is it too late?
I should've took your hand, next time I won't hesitate
Can you see me yet, will you set me free?
I'll see my very soul, If that's the fee
Please see me, I miss the way you'd glance
I'd shine even better if you gave a second chance
Just one look, a glimpse from your eyes
Will give me the feeling of being alive
I'm willing to place it all on a single bet
Just tell me if you can see me yet?
This poem is for those who are shadows in peoples lives. The "little" people who just want people to know, they aren't useless.
The Truth Jul 2016
Why, why are you doing this why are you here
   If you don't even care don't stay, just disappear
   How many of you can say, you'll be good after Highschool
   That your life won't constantly spin just like a whirlpool
   That you've studied enough to consume enough knowledge
   Comprehending what you need to goto college
   Can you say that you're not living a life that's just a mirage
   Hiding beyond your self trying to be like camouflage
   Can you say you've filled your life without all the regret
   Living everyday working off an unpaid debt
   Can you say you'll survive making $1200 a month
   When the landlord demands for 550 up front?
   How about when it comes to paying for the medical bill
   5000 dollars for a check up and a simple oxycodone pill
   Not only that you have another overdue car payment
   Now you're looking for someplace with better employment
   Can you really say you're tough enough to survive
   Now let's add another, a baby boy at the age of 5
   Asking why his mom or dad isn't there to give him love
   Drinking away to find memories you try to get rid of
   Can you really say that you're ready to live on your own
   Hoping you can offer your kid a better place to call home
   Do you even care where your live is going to go
   Or are you going to shake this off and just follow the flow
   You want things handed to you, with only minimum work.
   You don't understand how it feels to move like clockwork
   You smile, you laugh, you ignore what you will need
   Just nodding your head, constantly you'll just agree
   You're going to be an adult with no skills at all
   You refuse to read, refuse to draw, you refuse to do anything in all
   You are stuck in a fake life that you're used to liven
   Just another lost lazy kid without a vivid vision
   Your life will be over with before you even get bitten
   Lost in society because you stayed in the back hidden
   Then you blame education for not keeping you driven
     So you live your life trying to go around the system
   So what's the point in trying to fulfill and finish your education
   If you can't even push yourself past your simplest limitations
   So take what you want from this, do what you prefer
   All I ask of you is to think of this poem and understand the words
This was a poem made to speak to those in highschool who say, "I can make it on my own".
The Truth Jul 2016
I'm sitting here thinking of you
In my mind thoughts run though
I try to hide them, so none See's
How much I want you with me
I wrote poems for you once before
So I want to do it once more
In my past I was never that smart
But I'm willing to try for your heart
As I ache to sit with you in my arms
Hoping you'd fall for my foolish charms
Holding your hands, squeezing them tight
Never letting you go, as it feels so right
Wishing I was with you at this moment
Accepting this poem as my atonement
I come to you, wanting to belong
Promised to you I'd never do wrong
I'd rather be tortured than to cause you pain
For then my life would be anything but in vain
I know that I'm crazy, even a little bit insane
However with you, I am relaxed and yet tamed
So I write these words, for your face to smile
Because Id come to see you for a thousand miles
I'd crawl through dirt, mud, and grime
Just to see you become mine.
The Truth Jun 2015
Rosey Rosey where are you?
Have they taken you away too?
Or did I just scare you away
Was it to much for just for you to stay?
I thought we were good, we were cute.
At least that is what others said
It was a dream that I would pursue
It was a love I'd would have bled
This is just for you, would you even care?
You threw it away, like I had spares.
Rosey Rosey what did I do?
I do what I thought was true
Was I wrong? Did I make you mad?
Did you know, you were the best I ever had.
Was I a bother? Just another problem?
What of that first date, that we had in autumn?
Do you remember? Did it mean nothing?
when you said you loved me, I guess you were bluffing.
Rosey Rosey are you there?
Or is this just a waste of air.
I held you close, I combed your hair.
Those endless nights that we just stared.
All those memories laid to waste.
Had me on a wild goose chase
Now I know, you were bad for me.
Thanks to you for setting me free.
The Truth Jun 2015
If you were lonely, or sad inside
Right next to you is where I'd be till the day I die.
I'd walk the 286 miles, from Bakersfield to Vegas
They would all laugh, but I would be shameless.
You are a great friend, one that cannot be replaced
My time with you, would not be put to waste.
Staying up all through the night
sitting in the dark without a light
Writing this poem, just for you
Hoping you will love this too
Those weeks we spent in a hellish place
I'd exchange for just a simple taste
To hold you close, never let go
To be the string, that holds your bow
To fight for you, hold your sword and shield
With only my heart in my hands to wield
I will try my best, to not let you get hurt
I'd pick you up, and dust off the dirt
For if you fall, it will be into my hands
I'd carry you across the sands
So Rosey Rosey come out to play
I won't be the one who betrays.
You know a secert of me noone else knows
One that I do not let show
But I am glad that you now know
I feel like I don't need to hide
Everything I am inside
Rosey Rosey Come out to Play
By your side is where I stay
waiting for you outside your home
Never leaving you alone
So Rosey Rosey, come to me
I want to give you a key
One that leads into my heart
One that can't be broken apart.
My shoulder is yours for your tears
Protecting you from all your fears
I will not allow you to fall back down
To the hole that is in the ground.
I will lend my helping hand
Pick you up to help you stand
Hoping that I can make you glad
So please cheer up, don't be sad
I promise that your smile will be real
Always stating how we feel.
So Rosey Rosey, open up
I will never let you up
I will give you all my time
So you know that you are mine.
The Truth May 2015
So, I need some clarity, for I am confused
Are we worthless, worn out tools?
Used to their expense because we let them?
As if were the final sip to the bottle of gin
A stomach full of drugs, getting doped again
Unable to even realize where are my friends?
The ones who promised to be there till the end
The ones who said, "I got your back"
Surprisingly, they are leading the attack
Gave out my heart just to ripped from my hands
And teared and stolen away, lost across the sands
People saying, "Oh it gets better" or "Keep your head high"
Not knowing all the times I barely survive
So what am I?
Am I just there, standing in front of you?
Trying to tell you all these things, dropping all these clues.
Unable to tell who is who
I'm starting to feel used.....
So who am I?
Am I just the friend you call when you need something?
Hooked like a puppet attached to all these strings?
Put below you as if I was a peasant, and you were king?
All these feelings, you put behind your books
I always wondered why we couldn't work
So Why didn't it?
Simple because, you tried to force me to become something I didn't
As if being myself, was against the law, forbidden
When I gasped for air, trying to breath
Words held between my teeth
So Was it ok?
Of course in your eyes it was right
Everything is wrong, even what I write
So I need some clarity....
What are we?
The Truth May 2015
The taste of cherry, that laid on her lips
The smile of happiness when she grinned
The way she danced, the sway of the hips
Just a thought lost in the wind

The rise of sun, the cast of dawn
The fall of the moon, the glisten in the stars
Beauty that seems to only be drawn
A glimpse as if smoke from a cigar

Faded into a book of time
For where it stops just for a moment
Hovering over, waiting to be climbed
Till the day she's finally chosen

The glimmer that sets, upon her hair
Hoping to catch that single glare
A woman that holds all to fair
If only she know how much I care
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