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Jul 2016
Why, why are you doing this why are you here
   If you don't even care don't stay, just disappear
   How many of you can say, you'll be good after Highschool
   That your life won't constantly spin just like a whirlpool
   That you've studied enough to consume enough knowledge
   Comprehending what you need to goto college
   Can you say that you're not living a life that's just a mirage
   Hiding beyond your self trying to be like camouflage
   Can you say you've filled your life without all the regret
   Living everyday working off an unpaid debt
   Can you say you'll survive making $1200 a month
   When the landlord demands for 550 up front?
   How about when it comes to paying for the medical bill
   5000 dollars for a check up and a simple oxycodone pill
   Not only that you have another overdue car payment
   Now you're looking for someplace with better employment
   Can you really say you're tough enough to survive
   Now let's add another, a baby boy at the age of 5
   Asking why his mom or dad isn't there to give him love
   Drinking away to find memories you try to get rid of
   Can you really say that you're ready to live on your own
   Hoping you can offer your kid a better place to call home
   Do you even care where your live is going to go
   Or are you going to shake this off and just follow the flow
   You want things handed to you, with only minimum work.
   You don't understand how it feels to move like clockwork
   You smile, you laugh, you ignore what you will need
   Just nodding your head, constantly you'll just agree
   You're going to be an adult with no skills at all
   You refuse to read, refuse to draw, you refuse to do anything in all
   You are stuck in a fake life that you're used to liven
   Just another lost lazy kid without a vivid vision
   Your life will be over with before you even get bitten
   Lost in society because you stayed in the back hidden
   Then you blame education for not keeping you driven
     So you live your life trying to go around the system
   So what's the point in trying to fulfill and finish your education
   If you can't even push yourself past your simplest limitations
   So take what you want from this, do what you prefer
   All I ask of you is to think of this poem and understand the words
This was a poem made to speak to those in highschool who say, "I can make it on my own".
Written by
The Truth  Las Vegas, Nevada
(Las Vegas, Nevada)   
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