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J J Aug 2019
With hair of a million spider legs-
Eyes with irises like Saturn's looping ring,
She sings and begs to differ my good morning;

Her tachy tic toc steps scraping the pavement
as the brady day fades
and sun strings in, washes away all that ever was

and I'm caught here in the stasis between sleep,dream
   and being
where morning is neither a blessing nor an omen...

Night's alone, i am cold as the breeze between
Skeleten and steel chain,

But with you near, time goes by gentler,
it is easy to be in the other's company,
Held and holding,both pretending we arent insane

Boredom's hegemony sets in and rocks us asleep;

And what a joy-- to be linked,two minds complete by dreaming softly of the other.
The Truth Jun 2015
Rosey Rosey where are you?
Have they taken you away too?
Or did I just scare you away
Was it to much for just for you to stay?
I thought we were good, we were cute.
At least that is what others said
It was a dream that I would pursue
It was a love I'd would have bled
This is just for you, would you even care?
You threw it away, like I had spares.
Rosey Rosey what did I do?
I do what I thought was true
Was I wrong? Did I make you mad?
Did you know, you were the best I ever had.
Was I a bother? Just another problem?
What of that first date, that we had in autumn?
Do you remember? Did it mean nothing?
when you said you loved me, I guess you were bluffing.
Rosey Rosey are you there?
Or is this just a waste of air.
I held you close, I combed your hair.
Those endless nights that we just stared.
All those memories laid to waste.
Had me on a wild goose chase
Now I know, you were bad for me.
Thanks to you for setting me free.

— The End —