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Partridge red, how fine you fly;
Winging, gliding up on high.
We down below as you sweep by,
Esteem the rapture to our eye.

Partridge red, how deft you try
To fill the heavens with your cry;
As you ride so fleet and spry
When for your covey fore you vie.

Partridge red, alert yet shy
I call and wait for your reply.
Alas, I close my eyes and sigh
As someone shoots you from the sky.

E Aug 3
TikTok comps
Russian bots
Makeup tutorials
"I'm not like other girls"

Trolls and incels
BuzzFeed articles
Gay fan fiction
Many a pun

People hiring hitmen
Buy some hair clips

Twitter ramblings
Flat earthers
And a partridge in a pear tree
xmxrgxncy Sep 2016
I introduced the birds to the flock
the dove was awkward, the sparrow, excited

but the falcon towered
and the partridge left
and the starling was left to cry
with the eagle just standing by

and who, you ask, who, who am I?

I am the flamingo.
Do I belong?
Not I.
I'm starting a bird series because it's easier to talk about events that way.

— The End —