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maria Feb 18
Even if fairy godmother
came here
with my 3 wishes
you'd still give me
mixed signals
Written on Febuary 19, 2021
© ,Maria
annh Sep 2020
You ask of which I am most afeart, the rumbling tumblings of the troll beneath the bridge or the tinkering favours of an eccentric fairy godmother. Alas, it is the marzipan crumbs of inspiration leading me down the brambled garden path which most unsettle me; the ink that does not write; the unpainted page with not a gingerbread sight.
‘If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.’
- Mo Willems, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.
Lunar Oct 2016
I shall give you a voice
to bravely call out his name
when you see him.
I shall grant you the legs and feet
to run fast after him
when he doesn't hear you yet.
I shall present you with arms and hands
to hold him close
when he embraces you with his.
I shall bestow unto you the lungs
with all the air you need
when he kisses you as deep as the sea.
And the most of all,
I shall give you a lifetime
to do all of this wholeheartedly.
Here is a quick write for my Squidling Princess, Kia!! It is your day, so please enjoy everything and stay safe! Here is one of your birthday wishes! I love, thank and support you forever <3 <3 <3

- Your sea godmother
Julie Grenness Mar 2016
This is the fairy godmother's dream,
In this world nothing is what it seems,
A tribute to Martin Luther King,
I do  dream of a circling ring,
Of global helping, healing hands,
I dream of Peace in every land,
I dream that guns be obsolescent,
That equitable freedom be made prevalent,
I dream that hunger be obsolescent,
I dream that safe water be ever present,
I dream that children grow and play in unity,
I dream that none be taught bigotry,
I dream of women free of discrimination,
I dream of no slavery in any nation,
I dream of one global human race,
I dream of an infectious smile on every face,
I dream  of the perfect communion of the soul,
I dream that  Heaven on Earth  be our whole,
Maybe  I dream impossible dreams,
In a world where nothing is what it seems.
Feedback welcome.
Ellen Joyce Jul 2013
And life came in, crowned in blood, kissed and messed,
announcing itself with a cry.  
A girl-child, missing piece, fitted to my breast
her weight absorbed with my heart's sigh
She was fear personified, so heavenly blessed,
she made my terrified simpers her lullaby.

I felt my heart's core swell to absorb her scent,
and my eyes overflowed with love's cascading cry.
She cast light into my darkened chaotic hurt -
sparked a desire to wake, to live, to try,
clasping her whole fist around my ring finger,
holding me still; the whole world passing by.

And in her absence she left her shadow nestled in my chest.
And in my absence I hid my kisses in her sigh.
She grew with eyes of blue and a sympathetic smile -
all faerie dust on the wing of a butterfly,
an almost echo of a girl I once knew.
Except she didn't know that kind of cry,
wouldn't know anything less than rainbows,
than Christmas mornings and endless blue skies.

We tripped, clicked heels through the passing years,
from little girl to little woman in the blink of an eye,
till we were both wearing her shoes instead of mine.
And like Alice, she snapped from low to high
she grew - time sculpting curvy definitions
of who I hope and fear she will be.

She is golden curls and girlish giggles
ever wondering the where or the why
ever seeking to help, to heal, to try
to pour her heart into an undeserving world.
She has legs she claims to stand her ground
to be, to free, to hold her own.

And though like me, she is not me,
since she is so much braver than I.
Her finger is wrapped around her innocence
holding strong to consent or deny.
This life will make her cry her tears
and this world will realise her fears
but she will ever have the wings to fly
and I will ever ready to sing her our lullaby.
For my god daughter.  With love.

— The End —