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Dimitri Ali May 2020
We cya do what we wah do,
Everybody have something tuh say.
When yuh try tuh try and try yuh best,
Yuh make next to nothing at the end of the day.

Meh empty bed does laugh at me,
De late hours of de night,
Spent leaned over de work desk being whipped by worries.
Just to get those blue bills that sweet sight.

Yuh see meh fren, slavery is alive and well,
It does just wear a suit and ride in luxary,
Yuh does be quick to buy wah it sell.
Modern day slavery is why we go continue to live in poverty.

Argue amongst we selves as tuh who better,
The 'coolie indian' or the 'hard back creole'
PNM or the UNC,
We argue as to who is de biggest *******,
But them making ******* outta all ah we.

Watch de high prices, de crime, an de struggle,
Yuh feel they give ah dam about we,
Lemme tell yuh, is you fuh you an I fuh I an we go never be we.
Dem hav we so, can't even afford ah nuggle.

Buh we does fett de hardest tho,
We does wine the baddest tho,
We does horn down to the dog tho,
An nobody does do carnival like we!
Ah pride dat is always by yuh side nationwide!

We does take pride in de wrong ting,
We does **** one another, theif and cheat one another.
While Dem ha we like slaves still,
And we grinding slow but still,
We does grind in the old slave mill.
A poem written in Trinidadian creole about segregation and modern slavery from a trini's perspective.
Dimitri Ali Mar 2019
Running from her home she seeks a better life,
An escape from the bloodshed, the tears, the pain and the strife.
At our ports they come by the hundreds it seems,
But her, in her eyes you can see the lost family, her hopes her dreams.

A broken soul with pieces left behind her,
Yet people would still take advantage of her.
Trap her, force her to do unspeakable things,
The tears she'd cry and keep it all in,
On her soul people place their sins.

She tries truly,
Though abused and treated cruely,
Though she's used she looks up lovingly,
Because if she doesn't she'd end up hurt badly.

I'm not proud to say where I'm from,
But this is the situation in my country currently.
Boatloads of Venezuelan refugees come daily,
In hope to escape the hell behind, they stumble into hell here blindly,
While people who care but are powerless, look on sadly.
While we claim on live to see monsters that require supernatural expulsion,
A soul is dieing without justice head held on the guillotine of corruption.
We are the monsters so don't live in fear,
We are the monsters who haunt the people who seek refuge here.
A poem on the current state of my once sweet nation I call home
Dimitri Ali Nov 2018
I weep for my country,
Once amazing now fallen,
The twin islands of T&T.
Don't sin or you'd go to hell,
This we've been preached so we know,
How is it a third world country where people can afford super cars,
Still have kids starving in the ghetto?

To me this is hell,
They say you'd burn in fire for all eternity,
I'm not afraid because they burn people in trunks of cars in my country.
The rob the rich or the moderately well off even in their homes,
What do the authorities do ?
They deploy a special task force to find a politician's son's phone.

We once held pride in the fact that we were united!
Indian African Chinese and all in between.
Now my people stand segregated,
I hate it I hate it all, all that I've seen.

Politicians steeling money,
No big surprise there,
But a prime minister who for his people doesn't have a care.
Since he ascended to power,
He's been everywhere else except T&T,
Never a word in times of tragedy.

They say it loudly and proudly we are trinis!
There once was a strong pride attached to that statement,
Now for me it breaks my heart because it fills me with resentment.

There's nothing to be proud of,
Guns drugs and ****** paint our national flag,
As the just as guilty politicians pretend to blind and think they're above,
You could find it all in Trinidad and Tobago except love.

Political parties slew the names of one another,
Separating us by race,
While there is continuoust cold hearted murders,
The police claim to be doing all they can and lieing to your face.

They hide the criminals they promote injustice,
The big bad wolves in blue,
Yet arrest students of a university protesting against **** on their campus, they are here doing something, which is more than what can be said about all of you.

You can't trust politics,
What else is new,
Neither the police,
Who do you turn too?
While they battle for money, for power for votes,
We are out in the floods with nothing, not even a rain coat.
We see the bloodshed the hardship and the tears,
while you're cuddled up in your mansions we live with the fear.

My country was once amazing,
Bright full of culture and life,
The steel pan, calypso music and a bond that binds the blood.
Instead of fear and death there was a flood,
A flood of undieing passion it was once amazing,
To me now Trinidad isn't even worth seeing.
Elioinai Oct 2016
I feel you freer, closer, deeper
Your love a sleepy, peaceful cloud
that lulls my head to joyful dreamland
Though the space between us is a thousand miles twice
I feel you, and your love surrounds me
Long-distance love blooming true
Elioinai Jul 2015
I woke up
and found my friend far away
as I ponder what a friend is
and how soon can we all Skype
if it really matters
when you come to visit
will I have gone
swallowed your abandoned names and words
as you pull upon my own discarded pages
and we miss us
as we long to be each other
be ourselves in muscled trueness
Sure the other's place
will round our arms with the strength we lack
walking new streets
exercising our tongues on the ancient, baby green phrases
watch our skin contract
as we learn to deftly act
and somersault through agate hoops
mine for yours
yours for mine
we love to change traditions
My best friend and I, a Trinidadian who wants to move to America, an American who wants to move to Trinidad. Both believing only then can they be their strongest, complete selves
Elioinai Jul 2015
We fought to keep our balance
as the island burned around us

Tears mixing with the waves
like unbottled messages
sent to speak our sorrow to other shores
Something that came to me, inspired by seeing smoke as I swam at Tyrico Beach Trinidad
D'Arcy Sahn Oct 2014
Tears rush down my cheeks
My nose runs
I desperately scrounge for Kleenex
You stand and stare awkwardly
Unapologetic for your cruelty

You're safe for now; I'm still crying
But once this flood stops
And I figure out exactly how much is your fault
You'll die

I still have ten seconds of bawling

You have ten seconds to run

Run to Ecuador and become a drug dealer

******* the Yakuza in Kyoto

Double cross a gang of Trinidadians

Become an alcoholic gold miner

All of these are less consequential than what I plan to do.

Any place is safer than in front of me, so you'd best be fleeing.

Ten seconds *******.
Constructive criticism welcome. No, I do not plan on killing anyone currently. Stop trying to have Glenrose take me away, mom!
Trinidad James Oct 2014
Ever day when I go outside I think about my life.
Very Short

— The End —