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  Jul 2020 sir humbug
The months turn slowly
To allow us to reflect
This year wears a mask
  Jul 2020 sir humbug
city of flips
the best thing you could teach two another

is how to love themselves,
so they can return the favor;
now that would be a refund!
  Jul 2020 sir humbug
The High Tender

”for you both once loved that silky guise that so heightened
the high tender,
the match of your (her) pink rose skin letting, no!
making your eyes glisten”

wrote those words,
asking my interrogatories,
from where did I know this truth,
this allegory?

replying lying masking mocking smothering snickering
“you, the great lover, do not remember?”

they, not realizing that I mocked myself,
my cuffed hands that authored those words,
were not so blemished to forget the
high tender
they once contained
#high #tender #hightender
sir humbug Jul 2020
degree of overcast

so the day begins
and so will reman,
the week predicted
the same, only one
variant, degree of cloudy,
mostly, partly or just...

it saddens me deeply for
I contemplate all the lives
with this whether forecast,
or rather,
the absence of
the only variant,
the degree of overcast

9:34 AM
Fri Jul 17
Year of the Covid
  Mar 2020 sir humbug
gently swipes each poem,
tablet formatted, line by line,
upwards, studying it,
thinking on it,
then with another swipe, northward,
falls in deeper,
savoring the entirety

she mails me a completion notice,
with a kiss upon the tip of the
writing forefinger,
the same, the very same forefinger,
that swipes her cheek,
upwards studying,
the poem of her face,
the softness of each line of verse,
thereupon inscribed,
savoring her entirety
  Jun 2019 sir humbug
~explaining light to the blind~

~for Suzy~

the insanity of even attempting

who among us, the sighted,
has the capability to clarify
an animate inanimate,
an untouchable invisible,
that can be folded, bent,
travel universes unseen
at its own chosen speed,
even to another sighted

and to the blind...

imagine then light
as something that
be recognized from the inside only with
in- sight

~think of the continuum from
warmth to steel furnaced heat,
that is an element of what is light,
the sun cheek kissing, the furnace of chests
when you grasp another’s body first time

think of light as water,
the faucet spigot a measured pouring,
that can overshoot, the stream behind the house,
a toe tickling masseuse caress,
a dam’s waterfall endless crashing,
a sea, wave licking sudden raging dangerous

blend these sensations that belong to all,
and you’ll know light better than most,
indeed, light is for those who cannot vision
except from the inside with a sight that can be
touched, felt, imagined, and which the sightless
command better than us ordinary thoughtless

indeed light is as simple to understand as
which you have never seen, but creates the words
that we all
even share
sir humbug Apr 2019
so we are in the same time zone

a first clue that makes me think,
you could be my next door neighbor,
wouldn’t that be weird

knock on the wall twice,
I’ll know, knock back thrice,
and will hear you cracking up

if you are down the block, across the street,
or down south in Eastern Narnia Florida,
or in Eastern Narnia Ohio,
where the palms are swaying,
and the spring snows still hanging on,
doubled over with laughter
at this preposterous notion,
I’ll know,
cause mutual cracklings
are airborne contagious

and I hope to never be vaccinated
against laughing out loud

1:47am again somewhere Narnia nearby
jules inspired
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