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elaine Jan 31
Soaring around in the blue wind. Bathing in the soft rays. Sits, perched on a tall branch. He is magnificent.
Beautiful actually. I would say he was beautiful.
Aimed. Shots echoing off into the heavens.
He’s fine, I tell myself. He’s fine.
I cry my delicate song. I cry.
elaine Jan 28
"i was happy"
                                                so was i.
elaine Jan 19
if a silenced male falls from his bedroom ceiling, rope around the neck, does he make any struggle?

if an animal passes away after being stuck by a passing vehicle, is it even ******?

if a female is left in the streets, black and blue, suffering from internal bleeding, did it even happen?

if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make any sound?
elaine Jan 8
don't fall in love, it kills you.
it will drain your blood, while kissing your soft lips gently with a smirk across their mouth.
it will hang you from your ceiling fan in your bedroom, the bedroom that they claimed they 'loved' you.
it will break every one of your bones, one by one. showing you the pain of love. it will show you that everyone is born to destroy.
look out darling, fake love is everywhere, don't get confused.
elaine Dec 2018
you never asked to read my poetry
maybe that was the sign.
i told you i wrote for fun,
you shrugged and moved on.
red flags went up everywhere, but i didn’t bother looking
elaine Dec 2018
the saddest thing i've done to myself is bound to be about you, its inevitable.  it's as if forcing myself not to think about you has made me want to think about you more.

i looked at your zodiac sign. i looked up mine.

"Find what percent your zodiac matches with your significant other!" it told me. i guess it lied. 60% chance of having a healthy relationship. 60! that's a huge chance.
maybe even the stars lie to us.
60% would mean that we could even have a possibility of lasting. hope of a lasting relationship. we don't.

i don't know why i put in your zodiac sign. ****, i could have put in anyones. i don't know why i spent time putting in your birthday to figure out your sign. maybe i'm still grieving the loss of someone who was so important to me. but its been over a year, we haven't talked much since. so why am i still like this?
i guess my feelings like to trick me into thinking things that don't make sense.
elaine Nov 2018
his laughter, something you could never stop hearing. that smile burned itself into your memory, making sure you never would forget. he was god himself, in the form of a scared teenage boy. he was the kind of love that grew out of the grass below your window sill. the kind of person to make you believe that struggle was just in your imagination, that you could be anything you wanted. he was a bird. he could fly into your life almost as quickly as he could leave. he could pick you up and show you to the highest places, but drop you from such heights suddenly. He was all to expect out of a helpless boy.
he was different kind of pain. A pain that lasted years, something that never stopped burning. a heartbreak wrapped up and stored in a pretty blue box. his affection could make you float across galaxies and make you believe that you were the one. that you could finally be the one to break his heartbreak ways. but he was a beautiful soul trapped in the ways of his father. trapped with the idea that he was bound for destruction. that nothing good could come out of an alcoholics’ son. just a broken mind, with shattered hopes.
with pride and grace she could show you all there is, all there is to wonder. she carried constellations in her fingertips and sadness in her lips. dust storms were trapped in her brown eyes and with one look she could have you bowing. yet with one phrase she could have you laughing, have you in love. she was magnificent. she held beauty where others could only dream. she was one of god, one of love herself. she was beauty.
words pile up in the depths of her mind, she could speak to you with elegance. she could make you believe any lies that spilled out of her mouth. she could show you that laughter was child's play, showing you the meaning of life. Words would charm you into staying for another round, even as you feel yourself start to fall, you cannot bear being without her.
She was a hurricane of hurt with a heart of gold. attracting lovers was easy making love easy. she lived in a painful world where love came a constant but feeling was rare. fearing the outside she would stay bundled up inside, away from the world. away from love. she could make you feel thinks no one else could, a little fear and love mixed together. a combination bound for doom.
Read or don't, this is a appreciation post of all those that hurt and loved me.
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