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Toxic yeti Feb 2019
When I first saw you
I saw another side
Of me as well
I found out that
I had a strong
And loving
Tantric goddess
Inside me
Every time I take a picture
Of yours truly.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
We talked and
I saw that you talk to
Freaks and losers
All I want
Is the
Touch of your lips
And hand
As we kiss and make love.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
When you first
Said tashi delek
To me
And saw your picture
I though you where the one
That I would be with
That we run away
To Tibet
That we lovingly couple
In our love nest
But that may
Be a day dream.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
I try to talk to you
You ignore me
Do you even
About my
Love and feelings
For you
My love.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
Dearest Sublang

You visit my
Dreams and fantasies
Your cute and handsome
Shaved head and face
Turning me into a
Tantric  deity
Wishing you were with me
Whisking you were in me
Relieving me of my tantric
Urges and fantasies
Though I suspect
You’re with another.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As I look
At Tibetan art
In a store
While window shopping
I take a long close look
And I am reminded of us
In our time
When things were so simple
When things were so complicated
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
When I go to bed
And put on a certain
You make my desire
Make my prayer flags move
Make heart race
My love
I can’t wait to see you
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As we kissed
You traced
The shape of your lips with my tounge
And you did the same to me
Then they both met and
As we made forbidden love
I moan quietly
And a rush goes through me
To the cosmos.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
I can’t remember
But how can I forget
The love we shared
In many love nests
And poppy fields
Your beautiful name
Sounding like a tantric
Tibetan Mantra
As I heard it in my head
Or say it.

How can I forget
But How can I remember
Seeing that sparkle
In your eye
Your emaciated looking
Yet compassionate face
And you buddha like smile.

I can’t forget
But how I can’t remember
The first night together
Your flesh in mine
As we embraced
And kissed
Though it had to be secret.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Bodies intwined
Like two coupling snakes
A senior monk
And a you woman fall
In love
While coupling
In secret.

Tounges dancing
Like ritual dancers
As the lovers
Commit their forbidden love
In the monastery.
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