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Maude Laurent Apr 2019
Blink once,

I see
The stars
Look down
On me,

Blink twice,

Planets form
From nothingness
Endless colors
Cold, warm

Don't blink,

Nothing changes
Stays same
Surrounded fully
In strangeness

Same universe,
Same space,
Same everything.
Last week we saw the first picture of a black hole, is science now determining our future? I hope there is still "space"( ;p) for the magical
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
I see the universe
In its truest form
Of beauty,
Where I am standing
On the rings of Saturn,
Watching the sunset,
Not being able to breathe,
But embracing the silence
Of the surreal,
The ethereal image
Being projected to my eyes.
There is no explanation for this,
It is less than describable,
And few moments compare
To one such as this.
Within the music lies this new world of beauty...
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
I inhale the depths
Never wanting to die
Staying alive
Staring at the endless stretch
Of the deepest wonders
Not drowning, but beautiful view
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
I pictured our time together as a circle,
We were supposed to be endless,
And then we realized a circle does not go on forever,
And neither did we...
Since all 2d circle have a diameter, they are not endless. Spheres aren't either...
Maude Laurent Mar 2019
I feel as if I were a season,
Changing, but always the same,
And yet different enough
To be frowned upon,
And the same enough to be overlooked,
Trapped in a cycle.
When you think about life and how repetitive it is...
Maude Laurent Mar 2019
The raindrops
Pass through
Make rainbows for me...


I see you from the sky
Coming from nowhere
With nowhere to go but down,
You ask me, "Why not up?"
I tell your destiny is to help things grow,
Make beauty for the sky,
And supply the creatures on this planet.
I suppose some of you do not listen
That is why we have drought,
But not all of you are rebels,
You live your cycles of evaporation,
As do we,
But you never end,
And we do.
The life of a raindrop
Maude Laurent Mar 2019
"Whats the longest word in the English language?"
"I don't know"
"It's 'Smiles',"
"No It's not,"
"Yes it is,"
"Because there's a 'mile' between both of the S's,"
Happy fun Friday :) Feel free to comment.
Maude Laurent Feb 2019
(Pieces. Sorting themselves. No)
They don't ever,
They never do,
Unless one has bothered to put them in a puzzle
But may be too puzzled to finish,
And they float around
Messy and scattered,
Like the thoughts in ones head,
Or a room,
Cluttered and dangerous
Because walking through the room without a light
Will most likely cause a Lego or a puzzle piece to get stuck in ones foot,
So whatever lies in this space is like this,
And a clean room has nothing in it, no imperfections, but nothingness,
So since a cluttered desk may be a sign of a cluttered mind
Or at least a person with no organization...
Then is a clean desk the sign of an empty mind,
Or did all of the clutter fall onto the floor
And we're all stuck back in a room with clutter
Falling over the junk that falls off the desks,
And everyone has Lego's stuck in their feet,
And puzzle pieces are puzzling people
Because no one ever bothered to clean it up
Or put the puzzle together correctly...
Sometimes I wonder what my mind is thinking when I write stuff like this...
Maude Laurent Feb 2019
This is your creative talking...
Math... Hmmmmmmm....
Can't help you there...
English... No.
History? Nuh uh.
Writing poems in the middle of class,
Spacing out unintentionally,
Letting your mind wander to lose your focus,
Zoning off during your teachers lecture,
Just so you can think about this one guy...
Yeah... I think can help you with that..." ;p
Relates so much to me and my school life...
Maude Laurent Feb 2019
You plant a cold,
Wet kiss,
Upon my face.
And my head,
And my entire body is touching many parts of you...
But you are not enough
I cannot have every inch of your skin
Though I am found,
I am lost in you again...
You come in many ways,
In many waves,
Sometimes you pulse against me...
I wish I could have all of your everything,
But like what you are...
I fear I will never get all of you...


So is it something sensual, or is it rain? One may never know... Happy fun Friday, hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day :)
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