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riri Feb 10
sometimes it hits me like a brick
the realization that you're not there anymore
the realization that i'll never be able to feel your touch again
i'll never be able to be in your presence again
oh how i miss being next to you

then i wonder how it was real
it was just so perfect, until it wasn't
i just don't get how someone who made me feel more than anyone else has could leave my life so quickly
i don't get how we weren't meant to be
but that's just how it is sometimes isn't it. life isn't always fair, maybe we're meant for each other in another lifetime
riri Feb 9
not a day goes by where i don't think of you
and i hate myself for it
what a fool i am
riri Feb 9
was it just the idea of you?
or the potential of what we could've been?
or was it genuinely just you as a person?

for whatever reason, i still can't seem to get you off my mind
i can't forget the way i felt when we looked into each other's eyes
i can't forget how my whole body filled with joy when you smiled

oh how i miss it, but i will never know if you feel the same
now just wasn't our time.
riri Jan 28
i wish you liked me
the way i liked you
every second my heart is tearing apart
and you don't even seem to care
why does this always happen
riri Jan 27
I shouldn't be feeling this way I know
But every part of my heart beats for you
Every second of every day
All that's on my mind is you

There's a war going on in my heart
The soldiers stomping around the edges of each and every vessel
The voices shouting
But amidst the chaos, all I can think of is how I felt when we looked into each other's eyes

Those eyes of yours, that smile of yours
It feels like paradise whenever I venture into them
Our souls connected in an instant, they quickly became intertwined
And I just can't seem to forget it
Finding you was like finding the missing puzzle piece I've been searching for for a long time.
riri Jan 27
you're back
but there's no promises
there's no guarantees
that there can ever be an "us"
is there any hope for us? or is it a lost cause?
riri Jan 25
finally a beam of light shining through
the darkness of the storm
nothing was ever hopeful for her
but when he walked in, he walked in with that light

light travels fast though
just as he did
he left before he could become submerged in the storm
and she's miserable now
i just don't get it.
riri Jan 21
Why am I so stuck on you?
Because you fit all my standards
Because I saw great potential in us
Because we have such a great chemistry

Why did it end?
I can't put it all into words
You said I overwhelmed you
Gosh, how I wish I could take all those overly personal questions back

Why didn't I think about what I wanted to say before I said it?
Because I'm impulsive
Because I have trust issues
Because your answers determined if I would be able to let my guard down

Why did you leave?
Because you're emotionally unavailable
Because I'm too much for you
Because maybe, just maybe, there was someone else
I just don't get it. I could've given you the world, but I guess I was too flawed in your eyes for you to even bother trying. I'm more angry at myself though, I feel as though I'll never be loved by anyone because I'm too damaged.
riri Jan 20
I'm a fool aren't I?
Only 8 days with you
But it felt like 8 years
Only 8 days with you
But I felt more with you than with anyone else
Only 8 days with you
And I feel like a fool for being in misery now
For something that wasn't a relationship, that sure stung a bit when it came to an end.
Gabby Jul 2020
Verse 1

Your eyes shined
You glanced back at me following your lead
Making sure I wouldn't be forgotten in the crowds.

My hair Windswept
My hand brushed it down from the air
Making sure I would know how pretty I looks you took my hand and squeezed leading me further down the street


Refusing to tell me where we'd end up you gleamed like a little kid
Trustly you blindly I followed in your step
Nerves left to rest when your nose scrunched up with your smile

You whispered "let's promise to never have this day end"
Bringing me back to that closed down carnival
To sit underneath the carousel and talk of sunrises and angels

Verse 2

You stopped me on the sidewalk, walking me home
You took my face in your hands
Silently asking if this is what I wanted

My heart stopped on in that moment as I nodded
My mind swirled in the fog as you leaning in close
Silently I thought, You tasted like pine and sugar



Laughing at all my horrible jokes
Flushed Cheeks
I've never had that kind of treatment before

You'd cover yourself with witty comments
Hoping I wouldn't notice your shaking hands
But I did every time... babe

A song I wrote :)
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