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Oct 6
an out of body experience it was meeting you
looking into your eyes, lost in the endless shimmer they gave off
a single touch from you was like a touch from the heavens
sparks flying just from a single conversation
everything changed the moment i met you

just as quick as it happened was as quick as it was gone
you left and took a part of me with you
a part that i will never get back again
oh how i miss her
everything changed the moment you left

months go by and my heart still asks about you
deep down i always knew you were my soulmate
but it felt dramatic to say that, however now i know it's true
no one can ever make me feel the way you did
everything is different now
the thing is was a soulmate to you in your eyes? i think i know i wasnt, but it's hard to accept that. it's hard to believe that i was just another girl to someone who was once my whole world. now i became just like you, breaking hearts - but only because they just aren't you.
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