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Taoist Monk Sep 15
Is it any wonder
They are jealous of your strength
You bleed every month
And have met with death

Though you fear
May shed a tear
And your voice may sometimes shake

When you decide to speak
It's an earthquake

They struck you once
And hit flesh
They struck again
and bled to death

One thing they remembered in shock
You strike a woman, you strike a rock

It's sad to see, my own gender
Degrade the one that birthed us
It's no wonder, they have lost faith in us
Wathint' Abafazi, Wathint' Imbokodo'
Taoist Monk Jul 1
Tired of my heart bleeding
Children walking on shells
The air keeps whistling

I glance up at the red sky
Fire eyes
Baby, please stop crying

A Belfast breakfast
Hold the sauce for now!
Do you want your burger rare sir?!

The phoenix song
A riff to die for
No soul left behind
Soon, and very soon
Taoist Monk Mar 19
Peter, from the dry Karoo
Never cries, because he's poor
Always does what he is told
Never questions, he's not that bold
Drags his feet so he can walk
Moves his lips so so he can talk
Though he's known to never utter
Even wishes he could stutter

Peter, from the dry Karoo
Skin so dry, eyes so poor
Wishes he could smell a flower
So his life could be something other, than dour
Food is soft, so he can chew
His gums are sore, his teeth are few
His liver, drier than a mummy
Hmm.. Never knew his own mummy

Peter, from the dry Karoo

Sees farmers cry, for rains to pour
The pipes are dry, their hands are sore
No one knows what else is in store

The people don't have much to eat
Their families might live on the street
They're threatened death
They're land be lost
Their children shot, killed at no cost

Taking land without compensation
It's the talk of the town,
in every conversation
Taoist Monk Dec 2018
How can a rock weigh so little
When the steps you tread were so deep
When your voice resonated in my soul-
are thoughts in my head as I'm dragging my feet
Never thought I'd be carrying you in a box
I remember you telling me you're claustrophobic
Now you're laying there, so cold
My demons have never been this bold

I feel like crying, knowing that I can't
Never cried again after those words you said
I feel dry, I feel like throwing up, I feel like I should die too
Knowing that's something I shouldn't put my family through
How could you leave me feeling like this
How could you give up so quickly, knowing you'd me missed
I hate you for that
I miss you more

Remember our phone calls we made when it was cool
We'd talk all day, then talk some more straight after school
We never grew tired of each other, I was so in love
We had love, living in a world so rough
The first kiss I stole while you were star gazing
Had me all hot in the winter time, I was blazing
You got all mad and told me that I should have asked
I told you there's no point arguing about things in the past

Now I'm all alone, tell me what I did wrong
I give my all to fix this
I know I promised you that I'll be strong just for you
But this break up, is probably our last
I don't want to be without you
Delving again
Taoist Monk Oct 2018
I may seem crazy saying this,
but haven't I always been?
Sometimes laughing at everything
keeps the tears from being seen.

When you're in a lonely, crowded room
with people who love to chatter.
And conspire and gossip about anything,
like you're not there, you don't matter.

Bring out your smile, and dazzle them
with an un-containable mirth.
With your sunny disposition,
entertain them without remission
and show them your pitiful worth.

And when all is said and done
And you're all out of "fun"
Get your noose out of the closet

And then shock recognition
And threaten damnation
Then kick out your chair of salvation
I might just get some flack because of this.

“We of the craft are all crazy. Some are affected by gaiety, others by melancholy, but all are more or less touched.”

Lord Byron
Taoist Monk Sep 2018
The Earth is crying
It's pain of loss too deep
Too much of youth is dying
All she can do is weep

Every word, too much
All the prayers, too weak
The Earth is crying
And things are starting to look bleak

The Earth is drowning
Too much children, so many sins
All this crowding, no one knows how much pain she's in

These new methods of suffocation
We don't try hard to invent
The Earth is drowning
Too much of her blood is spent

Nature is dying
Taking her last foul breath of air
Once she was thriving
Now no one cares that she's there

She has no time for friends
Just trying to live the last days of her life
The Earth is crying
in her last days of deprive
Last Notice, on-tap is running dry.
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