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Shane Apr 8
I still want to ki- - you
You took my l- -e
I am now just - -one
Lost with questions
- - -ken in your sea.
Something different
Jenovah Dec 2019
If you’re gonna use me
For an occasional ****
At least make me ***
A haiku
Jenovah Feb 2019
Sunlight coming in through the window and resting on my inner thigh
The warmth reminds me of the soft kisses
That your sacred lips once left behind
Jamie Lee Nov 2018
They want me to beg
To kiss their foul mouths
But I am too special
To be a free-for-all
I have been stretched so far
You can't even see me
Tired or handing out love
Like charity, out of disparity
I want my heart to be treated
Like the rarity it is
Is it fair of me?

I would toss you out of the ring,
If it meant less pain for me,
It is selfish way to survive
But it's mine,
Maybe I am the bad guy
You claimed I so was,
I am doing this because
I need to be kind
To myself
Nylee Apr 2018
What I shouldn't do,
I do it before I can
stop me
Jenovah Feb 2018
Happiness lives inside the cage
Of your heart
It's up to you to find the key
Jenovah Mar 2018
i s
love like
f i l l i ng
e m p t y
jars with
flowers ?
Nylee Dec 2017
All the pieces fall
right out of their places
So life could mock more
on every sore spots
so that it could hurt proper
where it actually does hurt.
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