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Call me crazy.
****, Call me what you will.
But I think karma is really real.

Live a life full of wickedness.
**** everyone over.
And steal..
Then repeat.
And do it all over.

Don’t forget to play the victim.
Don’t forget to smile.
You’ve put on a real good show.

You’ve played the part so well.
You’ve played them all so well.
You think you’ve won.
But nothing lasts forever.....
Because karma’s a bad *** *****.
Zombie Jan 24
It's ok to not to be ok for a moment but its not ok to not to be ok for the rest of your life.
move on life has to go on... shed your tears for that moment
Erika Soerensen Oct 2015
Life will insist
Of the one
Raiford Brown IV Aug 2015
Homes don't grow where I'm from
they only stand stagnant waiting for one to deconstruct a building process.
Limbs leave family trees way before fall happens. It's only a matter of time before one becomes familiar with "**** happens".
Indulged in decency far fetch becomes close Morals become like unread books.
Back-hand to reality some people get it.
Men will hit everything around, before hitting their target so a bulls eye is more like scolded ones golden tongues couldn't fix.
Pictures catch more than a moment
Pictures don't hang anymore the walls are gone. Houses look more like tornadoes  so prepare for hail. Aftermath can make a better beginning. Black looks darker in the light. In the dark your eyes will adjust so black is the new norm.
Accustomed to a ****** up custom where an abandoned home.
no painted walls, a brick mailbox, and a broken garage.
Lennox Jones Mar 2015
They were strangers when they met, when they fell in love.
Strangely enough over time they became
strangers again, living under the same roof.
Silence closed every door, walked empty hallways,
and slipped out before breakfast.
There was far too much going on in
their heads to find that one word… sorry.
Being right can sometimes be so wrong.
Strangely enough, pride can **** if you let it.

It’s so ******* strange how that **** happens.

— The End —