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Nancy E Tracy Sep 2018
What a perfect place for a treehouse
In the limbs of that old tree
I'd spend all my time just dreaming
Of what a wonderful time it would be
To be running away from the pirates
Who were after me!

While looking for a place to hide
I'd look up and see
That treehouse snuggled high above
The perfect place for me.

The only way up
Not the way you would think
Was a little old Elf
Sitting there on a shelf
Saying, "I'll give you a boost for a drink"

So I pulled out my cup
And went looking
For water was surely nearby

He said, "Water's not my favorite drink,
                   I'll have a cup of Rye"

I had no Rye to my name
Thinking quickly on my feet
"Let the pirates give him a drink of Rye"

When they go up,
I'll say "Goodbye"

What a perfect place for a treehouse,

If I were only 10 (again}.
inspired by being outside in this wonderful weather we are having right now
Nancy E Tracy Aug 2018
Not a sound
in th forest
Not a leaf
in the wind

On the lake
not a ripple
there's a storm
coming in

Not a deer
in the meadow
Not a hiss
not a howl

Not a breath
Not a whisper
There's a cat
on the prowl

Not a twitter
of a bird
Not a Bat
Not an Owl

Silence in the forest
There's a cat on the prowl

All is well until he brushes against my legs, looks
up at me and meows - lunch time
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
If thou indeed derive thy light from Heaven
      Then, to the measure of that Heaven-born light,
      Shine, Poet! In thy place, and be content.....
                                                --William Wordsworth
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
Awake! You lazy pen who gives me nothing..
You fingers parlyzed

Awake!  You stubborn thoughts who lie in puddles..
Refusing to cooperate when all I ask is such an easy task,

Give ear to all the world encompassing your gifted sight

Stoke the fire that burns wthin the ashes of your heart

Beat out a tune for all of those who live to write
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
103 Degrees

The sun dropped fast behind the trees
And cooled the squirrels, the birds, the bees....
And me

And soon enough the shade where I, at peace, reside
An audience to nature's Summer Night
A performance, in perfect harmony
A witness to a magical delight
A concert that touchs where the soul abides

July 17, 2018
6:30 PM
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
Adam and Eve in the garden
Eve said "Sir, but begging your pardon"
"This apple, you see, just fell down from that tree,
but I tasted and it's just delicious."

"My Father said  we're not to eat it
But he's not around here today
so, just give it to me and I'll try it
Delicious, is that what you say?"

Now, the next day, when God was out walking,
{He was looking for Adam and Eve}
He couldn't believe they were covered in leaves
So he told them "Sit down and start  talking"

"The serpent beguiled me" said Eve
That left Adam with nowhere to turn
He said  "Eve said 'lets try it'  and I don't deny it
I took a wee bite just to please."

"The fault is on Eve can't you see Lord?"
So all humans were banished from paradise
'Cause ADAM just couldn't say NO...
Women's POV ,  limerick
Nancy E Tracy Jun 2018
There are hearts that are so tender, Lord

Hearts that are so rare
that every little grievance
causes pain that we can't bear

Oh, hear our cry,
dear Lord we pray

Give comfort and assurance

that though we cry
you are near by
to strengthen our endurance

Matthew 24:13
But he who endures shall be saved
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