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Fey Torres Oct 2017
You take my breath away
You suffocate me
Fey Torres Jun 2017
I only come here now when things seem to be going bad.
Hi, it's been a while.
I didn't think I would be back in this place
I didn't think that I would be feeling this way
It is truely mesmerizing how much i want to make myself believe in something that is not there
It truely is ******* unbelievable how I love to be treated this way
Like the " I know I don't deserve this" girl who always go back to the same sick ****
It's me
I know I should've wrote
I'm thinking about being on my own
I don't feel bad about the idea this time
It would be better than where i am
Im in the middle of a fog
I just need to forward a bit more
I'll be okay
It's time I give up on "What will be"
Start believing what is
You know?
It's time
For me
To leave
This behind
It is time
That is what it is
Fey Torres Oct 2016
You should read
The love letters
You sent me
Turns out they're full of lies
Fey Torres Oct 2016
You broke me into a billion pieces
You threw me
Im broken into a billion pieces
And I can still say that I love you
It will take me a long time to find myself
And probably a lifetime to put myself back together
Even after that I will still love you
I will love you forever
I will love you after all the pain
Because when I said forever
I meant forever
Fey Torres Aug 2016
Its you again
But so significant
My tears
Its back
The hatred
The regrets
The disrespect
Fey Torres Jun 2016
I accept that I am my own person
   I accept you are yours
I accept I can only influence
   Not control
I accept change
   I accept experience
I accept what can't be
   I accept what I've done
I accept the past the future and the present
   I accept that I'll always love                                            unconditionally
I will accept life and how things need to be
Something given...
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