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  Mar 2020 Kristine
The voice
A teacher: The Villain and the Hero
One inspiration, one true motivation  
That one person who gives his powerful students  
The right direction
That one teacher who fights for the future of others
Who finds success in the success of others
That one person who further form a teacher
Is a human-being
He might seem like a villain to some
But he is a hero to others
He is my hero

Picked me up from the gutter
Made me strong enough to deal with
X equals A to the second power multiplied times two
He is that one teacher who taught me how to leave problems behind
And solve equation easier and faster
That one teacher who became a role model
The perfect inspiration any student needs
His way of teaching the concept  
His way of giving us the chance to be teachers our selves  
That way of making us the main importance
His way of giving us our place in his class room

Taking possession of our minds and changing them to capable ones
Making each and every one of us students who can solve anything
He expects a lot from all of us, He expects a lot from me
He gives me the challenges that I can handle
Gives me a chance to prove my self
He taught me that X is just a variable
That X is the solution
That you should not be afraid of the variable  
That the solution is hidden behind the other factors
That lesson I use in my daily life

I'm not afraid of any problem in any subject
Because he taught me how to deal with problems
And when finding X was hard,
He was there ready to answer my questions
As I walk away during lunch  
I wish him a good lunch
But what I'm actually saying is
You have done a lot for these, your students
Now give yourself a break and do something for your self.

He might just be an algebra teacher
Or a staff member at Riverside University High school
Or just Mr. Sepulveda, to some people
But for me he means more than that.
For me he is a hero
That can travel the distance
And can fix any problem with time
He is the Hero who inspires me  

He is a teacher
Whom I admire greatly
Not for being a teacher
Or being at Riverside
I admire him because he made me strong
In Algebra
In my problems
In life  
And now In my poetry

You sometimes are the villain
For giving me a B in a test
But you are the hero because for every B
I get another challenge  
And I know that with your help
I will get an A in Life.  
You are the Villain of my mind
But the Hero of my Heart
Thank-you Mr. Sepulveda
Written by: Estrella Luciano
For: A true hero
P.S. I still think I deserved an A on that one test. ;)
For my favorite algebra teacher
Kristine Feb 2020
You used to be my subject
every angle, you're the object
inspires me to do more works
and ended up with great artwork.

I can be your Edgar Allan Poe
In a midst o critical world
Could be profound
just to be my Annabelle lee

Rather be your William Shakespeare
timeless age for your soul
endless love bringeth whole
even though just a buccaneer

but ended being Arthur Conan Doyle
You see but you do not observe
The mystery of my love for you
Single glimpse from you can't resolve

Every verse was a reflection
of every inch of you
But you keep on ignoring
And only received a rejection

You prefer to be just a prose
Catatonic yet simple
In my imaginative elated world
where our story remains untold
Kristine Feb 2020
Another leaf fell
Agony left
In every groaning heart
Couldn't imagine
In a simple snap
Everything could be vanish
Cherish your life
We only live once.
Kristine Feb 2020
In the middle of the night
You see nothing
As the darkness fills
Every corner of your eyes
As you lift your head's up
Billion of stars shines
Like what you've wished for
Closing your eyes
Cherishing every moment
Before it vanishes in your mind
Before things you wished
Wouldn't happen
And gives regrets
For the rest of your life.
Kristine Feb 2020
As the dawn comes
The new life begins
Waking up
For the new chapter
Welcoming with positivity
Sound of wind
Whispers a hymn
When sunlight touches
Good vibe injects
As time runs
Can't expect
Things may fall out
That accords to the plan
Feels agitating
Causes to ruin
A happy day
You've made
But things fall
In a certain situation
Makes you realize
And understand
Someone's worth
As the twilight comes
Moon started to show
The sparkling stars
Brights during night
Brings hope
For those in the dark.
Kristine Feb 2020
I observe
There is something
That I couldn't explain
Something unusual
The ambiance
The people surround
Gives headache
And affects my mood
Did I miss something?
Nor forgot something?
It bothers me
My mind whirls
In a sudden change
That I can't accept. 💔
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