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...And a lady in a red dress?
A glass of red.

We play conversational poker and come out with
The ace of spades and high-heels to match!

But I’ve never been to Vegas
And I’m not a gambling man -  
A glass of red!

Turn up the jazz
Let me take your coat
And after a dance -
A glass of red

Your lips of Juno
Are a glass of red!

Take my hand and lead the way
We’ll be buried in stuffy old second-hand book stores
Mumbling Homer and his Odyssey amongst dusty shelves
I would look no further for a book called
A glass of red
Written in blood
A thriller weaved post-apocalyptically

...but your kind ***** and firm sinews,
after all is said and all is done,
Are (your guessed it!)
A glass of red.
I stole the last of a bottle of red from my Mum's pantry this morning and I found my muse...
Jade C Apr 13
hungry poet,
what do you starve for?
an eclipse, nicotine, stale bread, prompts of pain, euphoria?

yearning student,
where do you sleep?
your twin bed, your lover's, face pressed into a novel, nowhere at all?

humble witch,
why do you cast?
for control, for beauty, for balance, for the taste of licorice and the essence of chamomile?

introverted owl,
why are you a ghost in daytime?
do you fear the gaze of some mouse, that they may see you choke up a bone, smooth a feather?

art intellectual,
do you drink red wine because you like it
or because it stains your lips and makes the things around you
more potent?
Indigo Morrison Jul 2019
"… I have all this red wine
and no you to share it with.
I wish you were here...
I'd hold you and
taste wine off your lips
until we needed more
from each other. "
Anamika megan Jun 2019
The sun sets and darkness restores,
Sitting by sea shore its beauty I adore.
For the starry sky and cosmos' gold dust,
Pure and ardent love of ocean I behold.
With red wine and nebula birthing stars,
Here I sit to solace the sorrow of dying shooting stars.
Cné Jun 2018

Rivers of darkness
Flow deep beneath earth's surface
In viscous currents

When I feel that first tipsy running through my veins.
Kris Balubar Jan 2018
That's what they call you.
They'd never know who you are.
From inside and out you're good,
Delicious like a fresh cut fruit.
The first smell of yours I'm thirsty.
The second glass raised up I'm in love.
The last cheer of my glass I'm drunk.
Tonight I will give you my body, my soul.
You're not just a wine you're my sweet red wine.
Shawn Feb 2017
I shall not call myself
a poet
to thee
I shall allow you
to walk by
and judge me
like the bottle of wine
you did not buy
because my label
appears plain.

on the outside
I may be
but within
I'm bursting
with flavors
you can't even begin
to see.

And I won't whisper
your misgivings

I'm sure
is sweet
I know
and perhaps

You won't know all
by looking at me
even once you're in
tasting to try
the lingering spice
leaves you
drinking me dry.

and even then..
Lynn Al-Abiad May 2016
حاملة كاس نبيد أحمر ب إيدا و عيونو عم بتعِدّ خرزات ظهرها المكشوف
و شعرها مرفوع كعكة و رَقبِتها عم ب عيّطلو يجي يهجر شفافو على ريحة عطرها

She is holding a glass of red wine and his eyes are counting every vertebra of her exposed back
And her hair is pinned up in a bun in a way that her neck was calling for him to desert his lips on the scent of her perfume

لين اا -
- LynnAA
متى 26:26-27
John 6:56

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