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Donna Apr 2019
My pug tried to fly
He ran and jumped off seatee
Then head-butted door
Lol seriously my pug is crazy mad but so funny too he jumped off my seatee today his back legs went one way his front legs another way , he really is a most funny dog , he rans around my house so fast it’s like something out of a funny cartoon , aww  bless him love him lots  :-))
Blossom Jan 2019
I know the process
Doesn’t make it easier
It starts off with shock
Then leads to red anger
I’ll bargain for peace
Till I sink to depression
And hopefully by the end
I’ll have found some acceptance
I know the process
Doesn’t make it easier
I still feel the sharp pain
Since life's been taken from her
Maya Minion died 1/17/2019 at 3 years old. It hurts, she was still a baby.
Taylor Shelton Feb 2016
Feeling my childhood vibes
The old feelings of love
Dancing in my living room
Never knowing I would be brought to a depressing doom
Wish I could watch the sky slowly be painted into a dark lovely blue
Wish I could be a girl again
Instead of a heartbroken young woman

Wish you could fix everything
Give me back those country skies
My old bike
The one I would use to travel across my own world
The one world I used to love

Oh I don't know how to cope with life
When I don't know any of trees I used to see every day
Or the sweet brown eyes that I used to be greeted with each morning with panting
Lay here now with a few more bucks in my pocket yet
And I'd rather to be begging for it
Karishma Chokshi Apr 2015
Everything's still the same,
Nothing seems to have changed
But one...
You're gone.
And, without you,
Even though everything's still the same,
Nothing seems to be the same.
jennifer ann Jan 2015
ottis ottis
with his nose up his ****,
just a low life bumb, an all american chump.
ottis ottis
he aint nothin but a punk.
he acts like a human and he smells like funk.
this is a short poem about my dog, ottis.
Pug Rollins Sep 2014
There once was a little pug
Who's fur was soft and amber.
We got the little thing
On the fifth of November.

Her grumbling so sweet
Muzzle so scrunched
We stared at her face
Even as she ate our lunch!
No hidden meaning. Disclaimer: I have no pug. I just like them. Hence my name.

— The End —