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William Marr Jan 2020
I saw you in Roman Holiday years ago
but you are much thinner now
today is Monday
both you and your master have a day off
the sea horses make no waves
nor the Triton and the chariot

Wishing for a happy return
I stand with my back toward you
as done in the movie
and quickly toss
three five-hundred-lira coins

Hoping they won’t devalue too badly
before they hit bottom
When I visited Rome in 1992, Italy was in the middle of great depression
Now I remain a polished stone
The river coursing around me
In soft and easy contours
Yet my life was not always known
By this harmonious flow

But craggy and rough, long ago
Struck ten million times
By rocks and sand and more
My smooth and glossy skin, I owe
To turbulence and tumbling

Even water alone shaped me
By sheer endurance and patience
Grinding and wearing
Turning me into what you see
A smooth and polished stone

So wonder not that you feel worn
And feel struck by blows undeserved
Count this for a purpose
For with the tossing you are born
A smooth and polished stone
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A Polished Stone was inspired by a talk in church a week or so ago.  The speaker (my neighbor and friend) talked about how stones in a river get tumbled and parts broken off of them until they eventually get rounded and polished.

Then he likened that to us and how we also get polished by time by getting our rough edges worn off.

It's OK to have a stone in your path.  It's OK to get worn a bit - you'll simply be more polished.
Jillian Jones Sep 2019
The leaky pipes that keeps me up at night
The constant snore
The distant cough
And the leaky pipe that keeps me up at night
The wind whispers
The vicious growl
And the leaky pipes that keeps me up at night.

-tossing and turning j.j.

The Moon, she laughs
Even she knows
The **** pipes will never be fixed.

-untitled j.j
Grace Mar 2014
Eanie meanie minie mo
one can not decide like so
your past is gone, let it go
eanie meanie minie mo

We think they were childish games to play
yet it tells our future each and every day

Its a 50-50 shot
you could go ether way
But there is no turning back

One step in the wrong direction and you are done for
Because the key was thrown into the ocean that could only open the locked door behind you

Like hot lava
A playground game
If you stumble off the side and landed in that hot firey pit of lava you were done for

That ocean where the key was thrown into has turned into a nasty green
The waves and seaweed churning under the dark stormy sky
This is not a message in a bottle but more of a lost man at sea

Every stepping stone could result in a broken heart
A bruise
A forgotten friend

One wrong decision could cause a prodigy to die

Like ******
His Mother almost got an abortion
Her family told her over and over to just go through with the pregnancy
She probably tossed that decision back and forth in her mind
But her family won the match

If she had decided to go against her family I wonder where society would be today

Would there be dozens of Einsteins?
A million Madonnas?
Would there be a cure for all the cancers?
For the common cold?

Every judgement is a puzzle piece
Every step you take back or turn in the unexpected direction is another step towards your fate

Everything matters
If you had gotten one more gallon of milk you wouldn't have run out so you wouldn't have gone to the store and meet your best friend there so you wouldn't be going to that Zumba class

Then you wouldn't have met five of you new best friends and your husband

All of that for a jug of milk

— The End —