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Ayelle Garcia Jun 2015
Bigkis ng nakaraang napagtanto,
Kamalayang pawang kay gaan.
Pero sa malay ba ng musmos na santo
Kung panaginip ba or mapaglaro ang nagdaan.

Hindi ko lubos iisipin kung mag-isa ang hangin
Sa pagtulak ng mga batingaw,
Bagkus umusbong na ang talinghaga't tingin
Sa musmos na pumanaw na sa katotohanang pumukaw.
one of the rare times I write poems in the Filipino language, and it's hard to translate some of the words cause they're deep and the meaning changes. but props to the rare times I write in my native language.
Ayelle Garcia Jun 2015
How I speak of you with eloquence,
The cheer that builds my confidence;
You are the that pumps my heart,
Giving life onto the veins of my body.

And when life is solely on my shoulder,
You are the supporter that supplements strength;
All I need is but your words and hugs,
The bear that comforts the wee cat, my love.
made this partly for Philippine Lit class, but since I happened to be inspired, got a perfect score for this. after all, this is for... yep, le bae.
Ayelle Garcia Jun 2015
Each day, my thoughts speak of you,
And even in my replies, you are there.
What of your enchantment have to do
With speaking of your name not to spare?

It's but you --
Making me sing without contrite,
Never the fire for few;
Always a part of my source of light.

More and more to do,
Fatigue makes me carry the world;
But more and more my love for you
Overpowers my strength and worth.
wrote it during our Philippine literature class cause I was bored and, yeah.. pondered on all of my first day of third term speeches. Kek.
Ayelle Garcia Jun 2015
I ran away and started a new journey
Caught myself in a peculiar story.
Been to different places and found myself startled
Obscured, grotesque, melancholic, and bleakly mottled.

Meeting different people, but never got the chance to stay
Mind fickle and heart let astray.
But then, I understand now how it feels
Of these surrounding silent hills.

All those stirred up feelings gave me nostalgia
But aren't you in spasmodic sequence of amnesia?
Alas, reality throws me up in all that regression;
It teared up my obsession.

Then there goes a series of flashbacks;
It occured to you all of the setbacks.
And oh, I remember a certain old man,
Told me a something about a plan.

With conviction, he said, "Maktub, it is written;
Those who can see and listen,
One's fate has been predestined
To those who is good and sinned."

"Young one, it is about time for you,
Know all that is true
And seek to discern for your true happiness.
"Well, I say "That's intense!"

Then as I pondered on this old man's wisdom,
****, that old geezer is just random.
But what he said did make sense,
If BMW is better than Mercedes-Benz.

Though it may seem easy for him to say it,
My mind went into a frog's "ribbit!"
How vague is it to listen to such hearsay;
The horses neigh and the hearsayers, nay.

Life is giving me much more farce
Though the sarcasm is all so scarce.
Oh, I give up cause it's better to be at home
With my friend Gary the gnome.

Now I know it's better to return
Than travel further the world that is too stern.
It's all but you I see is missing
In a picturesque abode with me, kissing.
a collabo poem made with le bae. two thumbs up!
Ayelle Garcia May 2015
If there is any way words can make me fly,
Let my ode venture me to somewhere great;
Or maybe build a celestial bridge to get by,
Vega and Altair be my ship mate.

Everytime I hear of their story,
Yondering am I if it were like of mine;
Oblivious enough, until I found my glory,
Unique however, it's all just fine.

Vega, tell me how you did it,
Entail me to find a way;
Ready to take risks more than bit,
Yet I've to see all reasons to stay.

Make me closer to the doves and stars,
Uniquely be these my blocks to connect;
Chains of flight shall not fail like farce,
Have your way to connect me to my Altair to not expect.

May my magic work right this time
And make me fulfill what I must do,
Rob my soul as I'm at a distance as your rhyme;
K**eep my hopes up cause I love you.
another of my acrostics for a certain person, inspired by a legend. <3
Ayelle Garcia May 2015
How I love your infectious smile,
How I love your honest eyes,
How I love your warm hugs,
How I love your Baymax physique,
How I love such jolly disposition,
How I love those intellectual conversations,
How I love your weirdness,
How I love you just as being yourself,
How I love that you push to pursue the Lord,
How I love that you still make me living out my commitment,
How I love how you care for your family,
And I can't stop to say how I love you.
After 5 years, I've been held captive once more. <3
It's not you
    I promise
What I say is true
      He never deserved

     It's not your fault
           I know for a fact
      Trust me
             You are better
          Than a boy like that

It's for the best
    Believe me
          He'll do it to the next girl
       And the next
            And next
      You'll find your one
          In this world

        It's time to breathe
             Have faith in what
          I'm saying to you
      This might just be
          But I was cheated on too

It's time to believe
      You're worth more than
   You can see
           No more tears, please
      He's not worth your pain
             You're gorgeous
       And you're NOT to blame

     It's for the best,
              It's not you
    Just Breathe.
          Believe me,
  Cause I've made it through.
         I know,
      What I say is true.
         **I was cheated on too.
I'm here for you.
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