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MellowMomo Jun 2021
What is hope without a wish?
About catching falling stars
Raining down from the night sky
Keeping them forever in glass jars.

What is love without a touch?
Like a blanket on bare skin
Covering us softly and gently
So we could be safe and warm from within.

What is happiness without a memory?
Captured forever in a photograph
Then collected in a little box
To revisit anytime with a laugh.

What is life without a vision?
To close our eyes and dream
All the paths that we could take
While sailing on a gentle stream.
MellowMomo Feb 2020
It’s easy to feel lonely
When the bed is cold
And the sounds are silent

It’s easy to feel sad
When you turn off the light
And the darkness surrounds you

It’s easy to feel cold
When there is no one
To keep you safe and warm

It’s easy to feel every bad thing
When there is only you
And you wish it were different

Still if you close your eyes
And could see that one person
Wouldn’t that be easier?
MellowMomo Oct 2019
I wish you would understand me
You say you do
but you don’t
I wish I could say no to you
You say I can
but I can’t
I wish you would just let me be
You say you will
but you won’t
I wish I wasn’t so lonely
But why am I
when I’m with you?
MellowMomo Oct 2017
There's this road I'm walking on
Of which end I cannot see
My sense of direction all gone
Map show me the way! I plea

But the words are met with defeat
Should I continue on my own?
For it's just an empty sheet
Am I doomed to walk alone?

What to do when there's no ink?
Or is it because I can't see?
I feel like I'm on a brink
Of losing myself in misery

I stumble around all lost
Day after day after day
My fingers are firmly crossed
For this nightmare to go away

But I've come to the realization
That nightmares are just dreams
For I am my own narration
It may not be what it seems

So even if my eyes are blind
Don't give up is what I say
Just leave these doubts behind
Eventually I will find my way.
MellowMomo Apr 2017
Our hearts are made from puzzle pieces
Intricately complex, but incomplete
Full with gaps, stains and creases
Changing with every heartbeat.

We're all looking for real connections
Something fitting instead of patches
And endure a lot of rejections
To find the best possible matches.

This puzzle is hard to complete
At times impossible to cope
Not wanting to admit defeat
We continue, because of hope.

Hence I too shall keep on going
Like everyone else day by day
Constantly failing, but also growing
Collecting my heart along the way.
Special thanks to Mr. Jin!
MellowMomo Dec 2016
My mind is like a recorder
One that keeps replaying
Every bad thought in order
Hope and optimism decaying.

My mind is like a giant maze
One with many turns and twists
Getting lost happens always
Does the way out really exists?

My mind is like a broken vinyl
One with scratches everywhere
Every damage seems so final
It looks impossible to repair.

My mind is like an eraser
One that makes me forget
Turning me into a disgracer
What's left is only regret.
MellowMomo Oct 2016
I am but a small flower,
Waiting to be noticed and seen,
Longing and yearning by the hour,
Like everyone else in this place of green.

I am but a Forget-Me-Not,
Please give me lots of love and affection,
Because that is what I require a lot,
For I cannot take rejection and neglection.

I am but a Bleeding Heart,
Care for me and I will bloom only for you,
But if you have enough of me and depart,
I shall wilt and become one with the morning dew.
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