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MellowMomo Oct 2017
There's this road I'm walking on
Of which end I cannot see
My sense of direction all gone
Map show me the way! I plea

But the words are met with defeat
Should I continue on my own?
For it's just an empty sheet
Am I doomed to walk alone?

What to do when there's no ink?
Or is it because I can't see?
I feel like I'm on a brink
Of losing myself in misery

I stumble around all lost
Day after day after day
My fingers are firmly crossed
For this nightmare to go away

But I've come to the realization
That nightmares are just dreams
For I am my own narration
It may not be what it seems

So even if my eyes are blind
Don't give up is what I say
Just leave these doubts behind
Eventually I will find my way.
MellowMomo Dec 2016
My mind is like a recorder
One that keeps replaying
Every bad thought in order
Hope and optimism decaying.

My mind is like a giant maze
One with many turns and twists
Getting lost happens always
Does the way out really exists?

My mind is like a broken vinyl
One with scratches everywhere
Every damage seems so final
It looks impossible to repair.

My mind is like an eraser
One that makes me forget
Turning me into a disgracer
What's left is only regret.

— The End —