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Broadsky Jan 2019
Accepting the fact that this isn't love just appreciation honestly kills me. You say I'm your sunset, but I'm really just your breath when it's cold out.
October 30, 2014
Broadsky Jan 2019
I once was in love with a boy who smoked cigarettes, he had his own car and two jobs, and his hair was almost always a mess. He didn't really like breakfast and he over drank all the time but said he was fine. His diet was mostly fast food, I was sure beer and fry grease ran through his veins. He never understood why I cried and never understood why I kissed him so much.
October 22, 2014
Broadsky Jan 2019
I don't know if it was your kisses, or your hands on my bare skin, but I feel these butterflies in my stomach and I've never felt anything more pleasant than your lips on mine. That rush, that breath, that look; my God my knees are weak. Thinking of the future absolutely scares me... maybe you'll fall in love with a girl while you're away at college, but all that matters to me now is this moment and you. You, you, you. Where you'll be when you're 47 doesn't concern me right now- I have you, and you my darling make me smile. I don't know what this feeling is but I know it's from you; you're the clouds that bring the rain, your kisses, your hugs, your laugh, your smile make me feel covered in petals. I enjoy you, I enjoy your laugh, and your smile, I enjoy every touch, every thing you do to me makes me feel so much. You are my favorite thing, my God I want to dance with you.
October 15, 2014
Broadsky Jan 2019
"We'll just be friends" you said hours ago and I agreed, and although that line was banging on the inside of my head, I ignored it and kissed you harder. I loved the look in your eyes when you said "you can be doing this or we could be doing something else" and I just followed you back to the room where your hands engulfed me and your lips brought back these all too familiar feelings. After you woke up you grabbed me and pulled me towards you- I couldn't help but smile, I was so happy, ******* you on this cloudy Sunday morning made me feel whole and I haven't felt like that in so long. I hate the fact I let you touch me, but **** it I couldn't help it.
October 11, 2014
Mikayla Dec 2018
The rain is pelting our skin
I stand outside crying;
Asking you what I did.
The rain touches your skin and makes me aware that my hands haven’t been close to you in weeks, maybe months.
I wished that we'd have a perfect life
I wished that you'd never leave me
I told you there’s nothing to forgive
You fell out of love.
It's hard for me to say, it's okay.
I know you're happy without me.
I'm jealous of the girls that you take to bed.
I'm wondering who's next to you.
I'm jealous of the love that was for me;
now belongs to someone new.
I wished for you.
I wished that you’d come back.
I told you, that I'd be here.
But I always thought you'd be right back.
But the only thing that was true,
You weren’t coming back.
I was just a lonely girl that clouded your “happy bubble”
I wish you the best.
I wish...
I was the best.
There's nothing to forgive.
I stand outside crying.
As I watched you walk away for the last time, I realize that happy without me,
So I guess I’ll be happy without you too.
Jean Lewis Oct 2018
Night came to reminisce the past
Lately realized; it won’t last
Never known they will bite the dust,
Sad to say, hard to take, it’s just.

Remember the diverse seasons
Smiling for distinct reasons
Frowning with some explanations
Simple yet complex descriptions.

I missed such accompaniment
Sentiments on our merriment
Don’t you implore for that moment,
Maybe because I’m too lenient.

Delightful yet painful memoir
This is simply paranoia
Deprivation of euphoria,
These epitaphs of nostalgia.

Now every single thing is gone
Even this poem is almost done
The sorrowful presence of none
And these happened because of one.

Simply because I remember.
I Remember...
June 01, 2015
-Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis Oct 2018
The horns warning danger are blown
Shrill cry of war from the unknown,
Your defenses on the guard rose
The warriors marched and fought but lost,
Swords were drawn and there was bloodshed
Cannons were fired ‘till all are dead.
Your kingdom is desolated
While on distant empires you fled,
When all your people are mourning
And you’re on the verge of dying …
But as I have constantly said,
Heed my call and you’ll be aided,
In defense, I am the strongest,
I will always be your fortress.
March 06, 2014
-Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis Oct 2018
Treading on unfamiliar land
where cold-heart atmosphere surrounds
raining with snowflakes of anguish,
the pink earth colored by bloodshed
crawling with weeds of dire nightmares
and fallen leaves of broken dreams.
Plants of ominous rivalry,
blooming with despair and sorrow,
the ebony trees of dark magic
bearing fruits of pain and misdeeds.
And the clouds of tears and sadness
along with tombstones of loved ones;
Thick fog of dying memories
And defiled waters filled with lies.

What garden grows in the winter?
A world of woe one must elude,
Wandered around this place once more,
And this is the winter garden.
The Winter Garden
June 01, 2015
-Jean Lewis
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
in the depth of
my sea of losses
lies a flicker of fate
and it dances to flames
that still echo your name

a moment is a movement
in the endless waves at sea
but the instant that we met
the world was as still as can be

i can feel the wooden floor
beneath my sandy, bare feet
and goosebumps lined my body
as your eyes locked in a gaze with me

all i see are blues and greens
combined with all my hopes and dreams
when your tongue spoke foreign tones
i felt my heart synch to your beat

i ******* breath inside your teeth
and feel your rhythm in my feet
forever was occurring
in one momentary
glimpse of We

our bodies became illusions
i saw no ending inside of me
no beginning to your vessel
for we had blended into
e v e r y t h i n g
G J Nov 2017
I can’t remember what it felt like to feel anything at all
I don’t know how to change or love
I am transparent
unlike you I can not see colour
and I wouldn’t be surprised
if you told me you couldn’t see any in me either
It’s almost as if I am no longer me
but then again I can’t remember a me
all I can try to do is imagine myself as a contrast of the warmest reds
a girl who loves and was loved
someone who is not afraid to speak but instead screams until heard
I would have the smoothest skin except it would not be thin
nobody would hurt me
nobody would want to not even myself
there would be no scars of apology
I would not be sorry for being me I would instead embrace my life
but that is not me it is only my imagination
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