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Mikayla Dec 2018
The rain is pelting our skin
I stand outside crying;
Asking you what I did.
The rain touches your skin and makes me aware that my hands haven’t been close to you in weeks, maybe months.
I wished that we'd have a perfect life
I wished that you'd never leave me
I told you there’s nothing to forgive
You fell out of love.
It's hard for me to say, it's okay.
I know you're happy without me.
I'm jealous of the girls that you take to bed.
I'm wondering who's next to you.
I'm jealous of the love that was for me;
now belongs to someone new.
I wished for you.
I wished that you’d come back.
I told you, that I'd be here.
But I always thought you'd be right back.
But the only thing that was true,
You weren’t coming back.
I was just a lonely girl that clouded your “happy bubble”
I wish you the best.
I wish...
I was the best.
There's nothing to forgive.
I stand outside crying.
As I watched you walk away for the last time, I realize that happy without me,
So I guess I’ll be happy without you too.
My best friend is a lady
She is taken by another
She trust me with all her secrets
I seek only a friend
He thinks I'm there to ruin them
I want nothing of the sorts
If he could trust me
She would be happy
She won't let me go
I can't let her go
She is my best friend
She is the reason for my ex's jealousy.  Though my ex had a guy just like this. I adjusted and the ex fell apart.
Darby Jan 2016
"The day you fall asleep next to me
Is the day I'll finally wake up happy."
When I'm with you everything is perfect.
Jordan Sep 2014
I don’t think you realise how happy you make me
The cute name calling,
The little kisses on my nose
And our 3 hour conversations.
It’s weird to think I only met you a week ago
And you’ve made such a dramatic impact on my life,
Instead of going to bed crying
I go to sleep smiling,
Because of you.
The days when we chased each other around on the beach
Was one of the happiest days I’ve had in so long
And to know that you’ll be leaving soon
Breaks my heart.
But I hope our 3 hour conversations every night
Never end
Because I love them,
So thank you,
Thank you for making me happy.
so i met my best friends cousin and now im the happiest i've been in so long.

— The End —