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xmelancholix Aug 2017
there is.
a ladybug on the ceiling.
there is nothing more.
maybe a lady on the negatives
on a 35mm in
a pawnshop.
but there is
a  ladybug on the ceiling.
they are the same
Glossy lost eyes meet you in the back hallway, your carrying a box to the rehearsal room and she is walking back to grab more.
Alone in the hallway, only seconds before someone will turn the corner and your moment will be a blurry memory of the 300 hall.

¨do you regret it?"She asks, voice like the sound of a mouse, You did that to her. She cant even make eye contact with you. You ruined that friendly relationship between you two.

You were drunk you tell your self, its not your fault.

You did not know that it would ruin her,

and soon its too late, another student is turning the corner, calling her name so he could catch up.

You turn away, and keep walking, and maybe if you had a little more time you could tell her:

Yes I regret it, I regret every day hurting you and ruining our friend ship over a picture. I miss your hazels eyes looking at me while you laugh, I miss it all.

but thats what happens in high school **** love.
I honestly have no idea what I just wrote, I guess its what I would want this boy to say to me right now but its not like that. okay don send nudes girls, just dont.
Cat Fiske Oct 2015
Photographed in the ****.
or even,
had a sextual comment told too.

Doesn't label you,
anything less than how you see you.

So stop **** shaming your victimized chicks,
who didn't seem to like you from your un puberized ****,

No one asked for this ****,
so do not blame them for it,
Love Sep 2015
I am worth more than my *******
My body is worth more than your ***** desires
If you lust after me then prove your desires through a song, written words or simple communication
Do not send me your less than mediocre ungroomed extremitie in a snap
With the word "*******?" written on it
Take you and your salivating mouth elsewhere
If all you see me for is my *******.
Cat Fiske Jun 2015
I may of had shown you,
my body,
on my camera,
on my Skype,

But Know that I had trusted you,
with my body,
when you said you weren't recording,
when you really were,

Know you,
can never be forgive for the blackmail you pulled on me,
the hurtful words you mindlessly sent like typing away at,
the someone who's nothing is a funny little innocent game,

and you,
hurt me the most when you could type away all day long,
like the fact that I was a human being with a soul meant nothing,
like how your words of trust should of been left for nothing,

But you,
play it off as if it was a joke because I did something wrong,
When I asked you as I cried because I though my life was over,
When ever I hurt you what ever I said I'm sorry

I said I'm ******* sorry to you,
When you should of said it to me,
you should of stopped ******* with me,
you just wouldn't stop,

I told you,
That I barley am going anywhere,
and you don't get to take the little hope I have left,
and throw it the **** away like everyone else,

I told you,
that Yes I made a mistake in trusting you,
but I have been ******* over by too many people,
but I never once thought it be you,

I told you,
That I never asked to get *****,
I have no value in the body my soul walks in each and every day,
I told you everything you already knew about me,

and you,
still didn't ******* stop trying to hurt me,
you told me to **** myself,
you said I'm nothing more then a fat **** for guys who can't get anyone,

******* you made me cry even harder,
telling me your going to post it on my Facebook,
telling me your going to send it to my school,

Made me black out,
because I couldn't calm down,
Because I couldn't deal with you and everyone in this **** town,

were not going to be the reason I cant leave this hell hole,
but you were the reason I broke a almost four month clean stride,
but I don't remember **** from that night,

I wrote *******,
Justin*  *on my skin as if that ink could get all the pain you caused out,
and it clearly couldn't
and I told you,

you win,
because I didn't wanna play with the devil,
when you had no sympathy for others,
when you held my entire life in your
I went into his computer and deleted it, never share your team view info with the girl u record, but I was close to having everything ruined, and I only figured this out bc he tried to blame another kid for recording it, and that kid didn't and didn't want the cops called on him, not like if I did they'd help me.
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
People diein' on the streets.
****** puddles at our feets.

But we could be a family.
We could be a whole.
We could be together.
But no one could be cold.

If we could live on an island,
no hate,
no guns,
no war.
We'd look back and wonder,
what was it all for?

People diein' on the streets.
****** puddles at our feets.


We sit at desk,
eating or eaten.
we laughed at or laughing.
beating or bleedin'.

We know the truth, but call it cruel.
The cruel one is we, the blind fool.

People diein' on the streets
****** puddles at our feets.

Who shot the most guns?
Who then killed them all?
Who didn't mind a casualty?
Who could be responsible?

"Not me!" we cry,
"I'm a good soul."
But even if we declined,
can I be told where they go?
No one WANTS to die. For someone to do it, there will be an opponent. A THREAT.    That's what this poem is about.

— The End —