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by Michael R. Burch

for Nadia Anjuman

Within its starkwhite ribcage, how the heart
must flutter wildly, O, and always sing
against the pressing darkness: all it knows
until at last it feels the numbing sting
of death. Then life’s brief vision swiftly passes,
imposing night on one who clearly saw.

Death held your bright heart tightly, till its maw—
envenomed, fanged—could swallow, whole, your Awe.

And yet it was not death so much as you
who sealed your doom; you could not help but sing
and not be silenced. Here, behold your tomb’s
white alabaster cage: pale, wretched thing!

But you’ll not be imprisoned here, wise wren!
Your words soar free; rise, sing, fly, live again

Keywords/Tags: Nadia Anjuman, Afghanistan, Afghani poet, poetess, death, martyr, hero, heroine, voice, freedom, equality, justice
Md Iqbal Hossen Feb 2018
Have you heard the sound of cataract?
It sings a song of beauty and
Examplifies the glory of  nature
How sweet her hidden songs are!

She invites birds, insects, and stroms
To play different sorts of music.
She orders to trees and grass to set
The green carpet on the soil.
Accepting to make a colourful  backgroud,
Butterflies, fireflies, and rainbow have come.
How delicate her heavely tone is!

I know,  you can't believe my words.
Go to her, listen to her song
Her song is as melodious as Ariel
Her background is as lucrative as Helen
Her stting of all is not less adorable than Aphrodite.
Your own sense will justify my words.
Md Iqbal Hossen Feb 2018
The frozen road covers with blood.
I see thy feet are dancing on it.
You are twisting your body with clam eyes,
I cannot hold my eyes but see.
How delicate your steps are!
My indecisive oath lifts me up,
And clinches me to see your Danse Macabre.
Your indomitable splurge melts the ice,
Cleans the path to walk on it,
Invites the passer-by to go on that way.
Everyone goes, I don’t dare,
I just watched the dance of thee.
Q Feb 2015
"Hope," it means.
"Beautiful," they say.
"Kind," she is.
"Caring," they are.

She is the ever-hopeful,
The triply beautiful,
The very kindhearted,
The infinitely caring.

They are the unendingly positive,
The unfairly lovely,
The unduly affable,
The unfailingly kind.

"Nadia," oh, how she shines
So brightly, so comfortingly.
"Nadia," oh, how she loves
Without judgement or favor.
But I am not "Nadia."

I am Nadia.
Rhea Nadia Jan 2015
give me a topic or a few to write on please.
My muse? Lost within you all.
Rhea Nadia Jan 2015
To stand in my place means
to kneel where I've fallen.
It means crawling where
I've learned to walk

**© 2015 Rhea Nadia
First write of 2015

— The End —