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Cc Jun 2019
My hand was open
But you,
You chose her
Closed fist and everything.
Mark Wanless Apr 2018
"What Else"

If i have to live a little bent
From the common straight and narrow

Disparity of inner vision
Is acceptable to me now

How better to peer beyond the walls
Of socially formed realities

This sight is governed as my bones
Unconscious physics of life mostly

Yet joints i have and mind waves too
All of we mysterious and deep

Nothing new can pass the pen a face
Is but a face for all that

But to sing the tones revealed in clouds
Of thought that are the wellspring of this

May add a drop of compassion to
The ocean of sentient beings

Then what is there for me to do but
Seize the task with open hand and write?
oldie but goodie

— The End —