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me gs May 3
A light on the horizon,
Amongst so many others

But this one is brighter,

She beckons me forward,
And I cannot resist

Will she burn me,
Or keep me warm?
me gs May 3
As the rising sun hits its zenith,
We rise, as one

Let the power fill your body,
Strong and natural

We will win with love
me gs Apr 12
In between two places again

Never a clean break

I leave webs and tendrils wherever I go;
They draw me back once more
me gs Apr 5
The time clicks on
And I am frozen,
Even if I wanted
But I don’t
Let me sit here, undisturbed
I don’t know anything except what I can see
And I will find some peace in this moment.
me gs Apr 5
One foot in the future,
One foot in the past

I sit and wonder what the last
Moment here I will have,
As I am pulled back and forth between future and

I feel as though I’m ready,
Yet I wonder if I am

What will this calm bring?
me gs Mar 29
My own self-censors
Are the harshest gates I know
Nothing goes past without approval
And the things that are and aren’t permitted
Have been beaten into my brain
By the world
And then by me

So it’s no wonder
That sometimes
Nothing flows forth.

me gs Mar 29
As I walk into my future,
I feel strangely alone
You, so far from my spot in life
And you, falling ever far behind

Am I going to reach land alone?
How can I get there by myself?

Why can’t someone else save me for once?
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