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Wearing a top hat and a straight
  jacket with a monocle and goatee.
  He owns everything like God does.
  Nobody will ever tell him different.
  He'll silence you and disappear you.
  He'll bury your friends and family.
  He'll define what's real and false.
  He's the man who bought the world.
  Our lives are in his cattle cars on
  our way to his indifferent endings.
  1d biche
These longings in my chest
They grow like the weeds
Wild and relentless
Searching for ways
To push through the surface
Even when plucked
They always return
Searching for the sun
And a garden to rest in
another new day
brings forth hope and miracles
believe in yourself
And now the real test begins,
sink or swim, pass or fail.
Well, it's not an exam in
the true sense of the word;
I won't receive a grade or
a score.

This is life,
at its grittiest, goriest,
glorious best.
This is death;
crawling closer with
every wheezing, and
scrawled stroke of
the pen.

I have plenty of nay-sayers,
and my God,
I wouldn't have it
any other way.
Every good drama
or piece of fiction, or
any ******* life worth
living needs strong
antagonists, and to mine
I say this:
sometimes, you have to
walk through the fire
to get to the other side.
  3d biche
Ciel Noir
✽             ✽
a chemical bond
✽   undeniably strong  ✽
can't ignore what I want
 ✽   miss you like                
an electron
✽             ✽
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