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  Sep 2021 biche
sandra wyllie
to see
the golden sun rising
over the horizon
shining yellow rays
on another day
of my dark pain
if it only rain
the sky would weep with me
and I'd have company

It hurts
to hear
the warble of the starling
calling to his darling
as I'm screaming in silence
without a bouncing echo
burning up the night
climbing the walls
like a gecko
if only it would hush
I wouldn't feel like slush

It hurts
to touch
garnet grains of sand
I feel as if my life
is slipping through my hands
I'd place it in a hourglass
so, I would see every ruddy granule pass
as the mountain grows
a dusty crimson rose
  Sep 2021 biche
William J Donovan
Wearing a top hat and a straight
  jacket with a monocle and goatee.
  He owns everything like God does.
  Nobody will ever tell him different.
  He'll silence you and disappear you.
  He'll bury your friends and family.
  He'll define what's real and false.
  He's the man who rules the world.
  Our lives are in his cattle cars on
  our way to his indifferent endings.
  Sep 2021 biche
These longings in my chest
They grow like the weeds
Wild and relentless
Searching for ways
To push through the surface
Even when plucked
They always return
Searching for the sun
And a garden to rest in
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