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The Poet Tree Apr 2019
Dear child that I never knew, who knew?
I was growing up but no showing up in your life, my life now without you,
That I would miss your alls, joys, your pains, happiness and your sorrows,
My choice was, live for today but I killed our tomorrow,
All grown up without the help of a so-called dad,
I stole for granted all those things now I will never have,
I look back with regret and suspect you won't let,
The sun ever set on a child of your own that you never met,
Can't wipe your eyes when you cried,
Pride wouldn't let me be a man when I was still a boy inside,
I tried but I lied to the one you can't lie to,
So my only advice is to yourself be true.
The Poet Tree Nov 2018
Will the first time be the last time, and can I forgive you for the last time I forgave you for the memories of the last time you loved me,
Was the last time the first time I gave a little, trusted a little, cried myself into believing that the first time was the last time I hurt myself for believing the last time was never going to be the first time ever again, I should just leave me alone.
The Poet Tree Nov 2018
Thanks, thank you, thanks, no complaints, nothing to see here, no not that, not again, another year, thanks, thank you, you shouldn't have, shouldn't have had, THANK YOU, thanks.
The Poet Tree Nov 2018
Theirs was the love of a lifetime, that both let slip away,
Forgetting that you can't grow flowers without some rainy days,
Cover your head from the showers,
Miss the rainbow through the rain,
The itsy-bitsy seeds of doubt, brought forth
A harvest of regret and pain.
The Poet Tree Oct 2018
He's bleeding, he's dying, His mother is crying,
Organized chaos we're trying to revive him but my hands just keep sliding,
Keep pushing more drugs and he's fighting, wait, now he's flat-lining,
Can't find a good vein from years of mainlining,
Shock one, two, shock three, for time borrowed not buying,
We can't stop the bleeding from holes we aren't finding,
Doc checks the clock so I know he's deciding, how much longer we go
when the seconds are flying but he just won't stop bleeding, his body is crying,
Call it,
Stop compressions,
Time of death...
The Poet Tree Oct 2018
Sometimes sad says it all, just sad nothing more to add, just sad,
Does it really mean, Sad, Angry, and Depressed? Or like those monotonous days at school, Sitting At Desk, how about, Staring At Death? Rather ominous, but I think sad says it best,
I can't put my finger on it, it's everything, it's nothing, it's
Everyone, it's me, just me, being me, it's what I know how to be,
Sad, sad knows what it's doing, to me,
S-A-D, yep, there's nothing else it needs.
The Poet Tree Oct 2018
You could never tell by the look in those eyes, that most days I don't feel like a Prince,
More like a pauper, sometimes a fraud,
To this princess that would make no sense,
She would never know by the smile on my face, that inside I hide a frown,
She sees, Daddy the Great, when all I see is Poppa the Clown,
You could never tell as she hugs tight around my neck,
as if she'd been  missing me for years,
She pulls me by the hand, and I stumble behind,
Wiping away a happy, guilty tear,
I work so much so she doesn't want, myself I'm trying to convince,
I'm missing her grow, all curly hair, dimples and innocence
I try not to break the tiny chair at the tiny table she's prepared,
Joined by Ducky, Mister Fits, and Bear Bear,
Daddy, tea is best when it's shared,
Of course it is sweetie, Daddy! Did you forget?
Me? No, and we sing, Duck Duck, Fit Fit,
Then we growl like Bear Bear, clink our tiny cups, and then Together we sip.
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