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Oct 2016
It feels like He is  right here waiting
Yet he is  just full of deceit
Just moments ago I planned for today
When today  seemed like long years to come
But now Today is finally here
Time has played his trick again

I have had brief awesome moments
I have been swallowed by pain but spewed
All  these moments  simply varnish  
And leave me with memories
Truly nothing will last forever
Today was tomorrow just yesterday
Today will  be yesterday by tomorrow
Thats how tricky Time is

passing  while making me feel he is here
He walks away and leaves me broken
I am   wishing I never let him go
Was it me?or him?who is to blame?
While  I push blames,he moves further  away
Far away from me,not minding my feelings

I began to ask questions about his past
I was not the first he has cheated
Yet I found some who beat him in his game
Then I realised Time is always on the move
He simply cant stay commited to just me
But I can be steps ahead,I wont wait for Him
Im moving,no room for idleness
No room for wishful thoughts

So I accept Him back into my life
But this time,Im am smarter
I see him play his old tricks
Moving away as he always would
But I smile , knowing I am moving too
I have choosen to always be steps ahead
I agree that  he is pracious and valuable
Yet cunning and always playing games
But I am not worried,two can play the game
Morning write:life is short,time is always on the move,but you can beat time.
That story in a poem
Debbie Ogenyi
Written by
Debbie Ogenyi  F/Nigeria
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