Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
See how easy it is
To lie to you?
Don’t let them win.
Think. Think. Think.
Or they get in.
Take a peek inside his poems
if you really want to know him.
He hides himself deep, immersed
a tiny piece in every verse.

Take a peek and take your time
savour the moment of every line.
Relish the thought of what lies there
and appreciate his soul laid bare.

© Pagan Paul (31/08/16)
I can feel fire
And it won’t expire
This fire
Each time it holds me tighter
Our love
Just like this fire
This fire which won’t expire
Why can’t you see me crying?
My eyes burnt in fire
Now my tears have expired
I dream of you replying
To our love
And my hopes each time get higher
Even if you seem happier
I really hope your happier
Even though I’m not
Cause I’m still on fire.
Words that kill
Phrases that ache
Meanings that relate
Emotions that remain
And one poet
Who shares
A piece of their
Suffered pain.
Just because I loved you,
Doesn’t mean I miss you.
Just because I think about you,
Doesn’t mean I need you.
Just because I still dream about you,
Doesn’t mean I still look for you.
So sorry honey
I love cats,
They always tell the truth.
If they don’t love you
They won’t pretend.
I wake up at midnight
And cold sweats hit in.
Insomnia keeps me awake,
Even if I beg for sleep.
It’s funny actually
It makes me remember
How I felt,
When you left me.
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