This world is full of purposes.
I close my eyes
and you're there.
when I open them
you're gone.

Perhaps I should dive
into dark dreams
and false illusions
to feel you here.
her magic radiates furiously
and shine in the darkest places,
like my heart,
just like love.
It is worth dying,
you will prefer it
when it's out of love.
It burns
when you touch,
It hurts
when you talk,
It's sour
when you kiss,
It's sad
because it's all out of lies.
She's sweet,
She's simple,
She's elegant,
her laugh is contagious
and her eyes paralize.
She is a mystery
every one want's to solve.
Making them all bow
one by one.
Her imperfections can tell
she's the most beautiful
of them all.
Social pressure,
low self esteem,
self hatred,
self judgement.
It's not in the face
or body where
a beautiful girl is born.
That's society's fault
for making all girls fall
into a dark hole.
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