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Call me bella Aug 2019
It is
Where you’ll see eyes clear as glass,
Reflecting a vibrant sunset.

It’s at the heart of a child,
Who knows no evilness.
At the pen of a poet in paper,
When words fluid fearlessly.

It is every time you see her smile,
Or the sound of his voice.
When honesty is being at its finest,
And loyalty never forgotten.

As the words ‘I love you’
Are said at the hearts weakest point.
It’s pureness what makes us
Feel the profoundness of life.
Call me bella Feb 2019
It is your smile,
that release my hidden secrets.
It is your eyes,
that heal my deepest scars
and bring mine to life.

It is you,
and only you.
who made me loose fear
of love.
Call me bella Feb 2019
As you call my name
to tell me you need me,
oh darling, if you only knew.

the way your voice
raises up my heart beat and shines
my smile all big and wide.

you're my medicine
that keeps my happiness

You're the light
in the dark path.
and Im profoundly thankful
for finding you at last.
Call me bella Feb 2019
what I think
what i feel
is trapped into mess.
in my dreams
they teease me,
hurt my mind.
day and night,
night and day
the heart can't help but bleed
this is not even love
an illusion
an addiction.
Call me bella Feb 2019
Que ironía que a pesar del tiempo, problemas y lagrimas, nuestras almas se vuelvan a conectar en el instante de una mirada.
Call me bella Feb 2019
To be young
and lost.
To be young
trapped under society.
to be young
and in love.
Call me bella Nov 2018
On the dark
deep roads,
shines a light.
Straight into my eyes,
shopping my heart.
At last, it seems
the unceasing roads
lead me straight
to your heart.
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