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We are liars
in their stories,
they lie in ours,
we all lie at the end.

is it always wrong?
Call me bella May 2020
she's by your side
holding her hand, so i've heard.

They say you'll be happy
but i still feel fire.

your touch
your stare,
your heart.

I have been told you still say my name
in your sleep
I can see the light in your eyes,
how they follow my light,
i know.
But you lie,
and your heart knows
i am all you need.

your heart beat raises
electrifying my body
eyes paralize each other
tell me not
that the fireworks happen
because of her.
Call me bella May 2020
is the proof
for real love,
but baby,
distance is nothing
to our love.
Call me bella May 2020
at the end
i will hold on to your hand
kiss your lips
stare at your eyes
and laugh at all the challenges
life put on our path
we took down
with the strength
of pure love.

oh wait,
that did happen at the end
but i thought wrong about you.
Call me bella May 2020
If you run,
I will follow you.

Like the moon to the sun,
The the sun to the moon,
I will always be there
No matter how far apart.

Because we compliment each other,
We need each other,
We are made for each other.

Without one
there is no other.
Call me bella May 2020
I get hallucinations,
I get them all the time.
my backpocket vibrating,
oh thanks god, it was not your text.

I'm used to your temper
when I dont respond.
im scared but
how do I get out?

Duh, I'm a fool
why won't you talk to me
do you even bother
or am I just your stored trophy now?

Treat me  
like you want me to treat you.
not like this
YOU are so irrational.
Call me bella Aug 2019
It is
Where you’ll see eyes clear as glass,
Reflecting a vibrant sunset.

It’s at the heart of a child,
Who knows no evilness.
At the pen of a poet in paper,
When words fluid fearlessly.

It is every time you see her smile,
Or the sound of his voice.
When honesty is being at its finest,
And loyalty never forgotten.

As the words ‘I love you’
Are said at the hearts weakest point.
It’s pureness what makes us
Feel the profoundness of life.
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