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Martin Narrod Oct 2015
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katewinslet Sep 2015

world !

I'm kate winslet,this is my new blog!

Have nice day !
kate winslet blog
Anna Jones Jun 2015
I relax
Staring at the moon
Reflective beginnings

This is a day unlike no other
Before the dawn
Before the first zip or button
is fastened

The clothes lay at the end of the bed
Pregnant with possibilities

Step aside slumber
I'm awake
and feeling reborn

No second chances
It's now or never
No time for regret;
Written the day before going to see Kate Bush in London - September 2014.
Kate Cruz Dec 2014
Pain grips on her throat tightly
As she tries to break-free
For her yesterdays are but haunting,
Bittersweet tragedies

Her brown eyes suggest
That the storm will pass
And everything that breaks her
Must just be left in the past

Her hair is burning red
And inside, she's truly blue
So she races towards the future
Because "now" is such a cruel avenue
Always Ally Jul 2014
If I close my eyes you're here

But I'm not real

But you're here and you're alive
You're breathing

But I'm not real, I'm not alive

But touching you feels real
Your hands, so soft
I remember them being soft

Don't you understand
This isn't really me
I'm gone

I don't understand anything
You're here and why can't that be okay

Because I'm not really here
it's not okay for you to go on this way
You must let go

I tried and isn't that worth something
Can't I be allowed this moment of bliss with you

I'm not real
This isn't real
Let go Milo, let go
I'm dead and you must let go

I'll never let go
You're gone but my love will never leave
Forever is a simple thing
Death isn't an easy thing, When you lose somebody, it takes its toll on everyone. Some people react differently and have different ways of coping.

— The End —