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Kate Cruz Aug 2015
I'll write you poems and songs
of bliss and hurt
And give you unexpected bites
all over your whole being

I won't ever get bored
staring at the cute tiny gap between your front teeth
And will always, always
be entangled to your curly hair

I will kiss you on your nails,
feet and knees
Because I'm crazy enough to leave my mark
on the parts of you
that have never been touched

I will say thank you for the little things that you do
I will say sorry when I have to
And I will annoy you all over again

I will say the words "I love you"
And will make you feel loved
in a thousand different versions

I'm the type of girl that doesn't
fall in love

And I am lucky because
I think
I know
worth crashing for.

Finally got to write a happy poem. :)
Kate Cruz Feb 2015
To steal a glance

Is to steal a chance

To hear your voice

And watch you dance

Don’t stop the beating of the drums

I’ll strum and sing ‘til sundown

Don’t stop your hair from bouncing now

And I’ll keep a close watch

Two hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

My gray world isn’t at all gray

Two hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Oh please don’t fade away

I stole your pen and wrote a poem

‘Coz you’ve been on my mind for very long

You stole my heart, I know its wrong

Maybe some things just don’t belong

Yeah. We don’t belong.
Kate Cruz Jan 2015
afar I adore
afar I fantasize
mesmerized I am,

for you're too holy to be touched
so I let these eyes crawl slowly
to your every inch
Kate Cruz Dec 2014
Pain grips on her throat tightly
As she tries to break-free
For her yesterdays are but haunting,
Bittersweet tragedies

Her brown eyes suggest
That the storm will pass
And everything that breaks her
Must just be left in the past

Her hair is burning red
And inside, she's truly blue
So she races towards the future
Because "now" is such a cruel avenue

— The End —