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Anna Jones Feb 2017
It will do its best to hurt you, twist your emotions, break you financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It wants you to suffer. To break you before it can 'make' you. Snared between its gnarly teeth it has no remorse. Until the very end, it will bite in and grind, chewing on your patience until every day is simply the same and you beg for mercy. Recalling memories like postage stamps to a bygone era, days fold themselves away into neat envelopes, ready to be relived both now and never.  

Those who are sensitive know the score. That life is a game that sometimes they don't feel like playing. At times you win, at times you lose. The thrill of the ride is in the journey; that first rush of life that flows through your veins and down the drain. After that, routine is a mundane affair that will **** you if it gets the chance. By keeping you breathing.  

A victim to circumstance, you find yourself trying to take control where there is none. Frustration sunsets kick in and scream for resistance. But still, the routine. Average life, average dreams. Mr and Mrs Grey only become free to express themselves sexually as every other form of creativity is strictly banned. Colour an illusion, playing with love. There is shyness. Uncertainty where there should be knowing. TV drama. Break-ups. Celebrity divorce. Iraq. Iran. Paid for wars. ****** and delirious children. Emaciated women. Sexuality, a given. Robots on stage. Narcissism all the rage. Fear in fashion. Outrage but no action. We parade our pain online. Wax and wane. Reliving youth, former glory. And all the time we wonder where it ends. Begging for another story.
I guess this is more prose than pure poetry. Anyway, it is something that slipped through my consciousness this morning.
Anna Jones Oct 2016
You present to me
The moment
In open hands
Blessed are those
Who start
With a grateful heart

Exploring the emptiness
Deep inside
Unravelling the layers
Like ribbons
So we may surface
Not as new beings
But like an empty box
Be revealed
For the content of our character

Words can cut so easily
Hard to believe
Easy to be deceived
By all the shiny pieces

Yet as the record
Of our life
Reaches its end
If we can stand
Let go of fear
We can realise
Our truest gift
Is being here

Making each moment count
Not trying to change
Simply finding peace
With here and now
That's when the voice from deep within
Will rise
And cut through
All our deceptions and lies

So at the end of this life
We can say with firm understanding
Our love carried us in the darkest night
To what's true
After wading through the deepest tarmac
We walked to the light;
We found you.
Anna Jones Oct 2016
In the shadows
We dance
Building a bridge
Between friendship and love

Bricks fall
Dreams are broken and burnt
Then remade
Every single day

I sit still
Staring at the blank space
Where you once lay

Planning for the journey
Or simply walking through
Sit still
Breathe in
Aware of what to do

Thoughts pass like thunder
On their way out
As the stars
Cut through the sky

Scribing now
Drawing down clouds
To scrawl our dreams
Upon its steps
We stand

Holding onto the past
We let it drop
First a finger
and then a hand

Filled with deep regret
Transforming how
into why

We realise that
Dreams are broken and burnt
And remade
Every single day

Yet, a part still missing
I sit
Staring at the blank space
In the sky
The part where
lovers meet
for the first time;
Where you became I.
A thought about the meaning of true love and the illusion of how it fades away in the physical world.
Anna Jones Oct 2016
We stand
Arms length
Hands like soldiers in the night
Wanting something better
Than the rumours of the world

Listen to the beat
The stamping feet
The parade rhythm of life
Tearing us asunder

The kind of etheric dance
That makes you stay up
Late at night with wonder

For security
An in-breath
Becomes a bullet
Shattering illusions

I hold my breath
Hearing you near
Body exhales;
No more fear

As the flames and smoky fire
Consume our souls
We melt the wire...
Yet still a connection stands
Electric voice screams
A heartfelt song,
Carried across victorious lands
Singing 'we will never forget you...'

Afterward, fumes fill the air
Birds sing along the creek
Silence crashes like symbols
As I read your last words
'We only depart to meet...'
Anna Jones Jul 2016
Feathered, protected
You take me under your wing
Holding me close
To your beating heart
I hear your breath sing

With the illusion of silence
You shatter my hope
Swallowing hard
I wonder who you are
A mother bird
Entrusting me
Encouraging me far

I love our mutual interest
The light in your eyes

From a distance
We are held, in motion
A deep meditative waiting  
For the sweet sensation
Of freedom
As we say goodbye

Cutting loose
The ribbon from our feet
Hearts on high
Wings steadied against the wind
All expectations fall to Earth...
Anna Jones Feb 2016
The winter comes and goes
Lost in summer’s clothes
Leaves fall around me
Random memories
Bloom, then blossom
A bud in disguise

The picture tells a thousand words
You paint each one
Waiting, in hope
But the sun never lies

Cycles of the moon
Wash over your mind
An endless search
You will never find

Treasure surrounds you
It’s breaking the senses
And into the darkness
Dancing in the dust

Energy rises
Day and night
Feeding the illusion
And so we must…

Pursue the desire
To feel
To become
One with the other

Approaching midnight
But lost in time and space
Under moonlight
I trace a line
Across your face…

We are reflections
Barely grasping
At the youth
Slipping away from our fingers…

A secret wonder
This life is
We don’t know what
It’ll bring us…

So misunderstood
Connecting space
Yet feelings remain
True as blood

I count the times
You ran through my veins
Elements of you
Transcend distance…

And yet here
On this plain
Seeking Invisibility;
I sense your resistance

Rehashed stories
Former glories
Cycle on
From one moment to the next
Going with the flow…

A lesson learned
You grow
With no rhyme, purpose or reason
Flowering, evergreen, everlasting
Yet standing tall, in your season.
Anna Jones Jan 2016
Friends are the jewels of the earth
For the real treasure
We all seek
Is to be understood
And cared for by another

With endless conversations
And cups of tea
There’s a longing
A sense of peace
That comes from good company

As the day rolls on
We talk and feel life through
Laughing at the situations
That seek to destroy us

There’s a beauty
In mutual bonding
And learning
And laughing
At life’s trouble;
It’s just me and you
Lost in our little bubble

When feeling blue
Unearthed, deadbeat
They give you a new perspective
to set you on your feet

Friendship is priceless
More tea, cake and understanding

By text, by mail
By spoken word
They reach over continents
Villages, cities and towns
To make themselves heard

To lend a hand
When feeling low
Or losing hope
They give their free support
The kind of which
Can never be bought

Days, weeks, months and years
Pass by in the blink of an eye
No need for an explanation, reason or why
They are there for you
No matter how life changes

A true friend
Always caring
Always the same inside
Getting to know you a little better
Than they did the last time
They read your letter

Never tiring of your company
A spirit so pure
You may not find all the answers
But will laugh, and talk and share
So together, we’ll find the cure

Digging deep into the human soul
Excavating feelings
Working through emotional episodes
To find peace in the present moment
And in each other
At the end of the day
That is friendship’s truest goal

Be they brother, mother, sister or lover
Friends come in many shapes and guises
For what it’s worth
A true friend means more to me
Than all the jewels of the earth.
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