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Jul 2014
If I close my eyes you're here

But I'm not real

But you're here and you're alive
You're breathing

But I'm not real, I'm not alive

But touching you feels real
Your hands, so soft
I remember them being soft

Don't you understand
This isn't really me
I'm gone

I don't understand anything
You're here and why can't that be okay

Because I'm not really here
it's not okay for you to go on this way
You must let go

I tried and isn't that worth something
Can't I be allowed this moment of bliss with you

I'm not real
This isn't real
Let go Milo, let go
I'm dead and you must let go

I'll never let go
You're gone but my love will never leave
Forever is a simple thing
Death isn't an easy thing, When you lose somebody, it takes its toll on everyone. Some people react differently and have different ways of coping.
Always Ally
Written by
Always Ally  California
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