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Alvira Perdita Jun 2018
i was lying with my head on your chest,
listening to your heartbeat,
when i was overwhelmed by sadness.

a sadness so deep i could feel it cutting
through me. a sadness so strong that i
felt like i was suffocating.

i balled a fist with your shirt, holding
tightly in case you slipped away; you,
the last thing that i have to keep me sane.
please dont go.
Sea Oct 2015
Swimming away from me. In a sea of broken promises, endless hurt, blood and black and blue. Turn the key and lock the door, throw it to the floor. Cry some more. Towards the open ocean, towards the choice you’ve chosen. I’ll never find you, not here, not there. And I’ve nothing left to give but a bitter grin. I’ll find the color jade and make it in my own way. Sharp and jagged edge to deter anyone else from half-assed attempts to sew the pieces back together and make me whole again
Samantha Ellis May 2015
i would give you
the air out of my lungs
the best taste
stolen from my tongue
all the sunsets i've ever seen
all the places i've ever been
my beating heart
my bulls-eye dart
take my smile
my first born child-

if only you'd take them from me
if only you'd love me

The world is a beautiful place
and I want to be beautiful
although there is nothing I can do
to change my face
lack of grace
or slow my pace
I know not my place in this world
I am but a girl
and what is one among many
is there meaning?
how am I supposed to find any
maybe I can
just not in this person I am
but I see it all around me
in each soul
every body
I meet
all incomplete
pieces of a puzzle
that I'll never fully see
why can't I just let it be
push these questions aside
and live my life
content with being swept along the tide
why can't I look past all the strife
what can I do to stop it
can I rearrange
make a change
people look at you strange
when you see a different picture
this is never what I  pictured
when I was growing up
how can our world be so corrupt?
everyone stuck
in their ways
lost in a daze so they remain the same
in kindergarten
I sat and looked up
as my teacher told me the news
could it be true?
war on "terror"
they were trying to scare us
just a bunch of cover ups
none of my friends seem to give a ****
maybe I care too much
or not enough
I want to change reality
how can I hold onto my sanity
if I continue to do nothing

Tell me
where do I start
with my hands or with my heart
everything I know has been torn apart
where do I start?

— The End —