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Sea May 2018
The rain feeds the trees drop by drop until they're green
Spring has come
I can smell it in the sun
Sea May 2018
The scent of a summer long ago
Wafts through my open window

Pretzel-legged on the blacktop driveway
A bit past midnight on my eighteenth birthday

The sour taste of a grape Black and Mild
Sits on my tongue

White stars in a black sky
Engulfed by the feel of it all
Sea Mar 2018
two months in and
my heart remains
more than in tact
but full

and I realize with
a twinge of

this may be
the real ******* deal
Sea Mar 2018
may there be many biscuits
and head pets and big fields for running
where you are now, and
may your memories live on in ours
Lost a fur baby today. Heartbroken.
Sea Feb 2018
I want to know you.
to your core.
the gentle chest.
I want to insert myself there and
breathe your breaths
Sea Feb 2018
Overwhelmed by how
understated you are

My thoughts aren't
over-thought and instead

I am simply, for once,
Sea Dec 2017
I am in limbo
searching for
what I need or
what I want
convinced they are
mutually exclusive

I will sit and
consider while remaining
stuck somewhere
in the middle

never once asking if
what I need and what
I want are
not separate at all
but instead,
they are one
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