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Samantha Ellis May 2016
you're only 3 months older than i
but i'm afraid our souls
are centuries apart.
Samantha Ellis Apr 2016
when i lay my head on your chest,
it's the best.

your heart whispers in my ear
tells me how much you care

did you know your heart could talk?
it has killed my writers block

that little whisper left me glowing
through me your love is flowing
Samantha Ellis Dec 2015
He's the heating blanket
That melted my paralyzed heart
Samantha Ellis Jun 2015
you are the voice
of my most cruel thoughts
remind me of all the
tears, and nightmare i have fought

you tear me down each day
haven't seen you in years
but you're still here
one of my greatest fears

tortured by the memories
you've cursed me with
ask me if i miss you
i plead the fifth

please get out stay out
stop living in my head
stop making me scared
to live for myself instead

i can't be haunted anymore
but you linger here
never fading out
i need you to dissapear
Samantha Ellis May 2015
i would give you
the air out of my lungs
the best taste
stolen from my tongue
all the sunsets i've ever seen
all the places i've ever been
my beating heart
my bulls-eye dart
take my smile
my first born child-

if only you'd take them from me
if only you'd love me

Samantha Ellis May 2015
June 2013

hands on my waist tight
and fingers run through my hair
lips crash together

Jan. 2014

saw you in a dream
this has to stop happening
i wake up lonely

May 2015

i miss you okay
why the **** do i still care
i'll never not love you
Samantha Ellis May 2015
i don't get attached
i don't cry over boys
i don't take them serious
i treat them like toys

i like to be liked
but not to be needed
want you to want me
or my ego will be deflated

what a spoiled brat
probably just messed up
i don't care about things
my feelings are corrupt

i want to feel something special
with someone brand new
but i don't know if it's possible
maybe it could be you
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