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Maria Etre May 31
Checking in
to weigh in
the weight
of years
to burn
s Aug 2016
anxiety is a terrorist
who holds me at gun point
and hijacks the plane that
i should be flying.
i don't know where we're headed
or what i'm going to do.

i am not safe on my own.
jennifer ann Nov 2014
crackheads crackheads
gonna rob your house,
gonna sneak into your bedroom
as quiet as a mouse,
gonna steele all your jewlery,
your dog and your blouse

crackheads crackheads
twerkin in a thong
u should have locked your door u *****,
now your computers gone

wide eyed and skinny
high without a penny

run for the hills..
hide all your dollar bills and your
perscription pills
cause theyre out to steele
they've started to get the chills

— The End —