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Apr 2018
Hey what happen to
climbing trees under a sky
full of adventures

Where daisy chains in
a field were hand crafted by
our innocent hands

And catching tadpoles
with our cute green fishing netsΒ Β 
in dark watered ponds!

And sweet strawberry
and raspberry picking , was
always so much fun!

What about spinning
roundabouts , where our giggles
ended up queasy

And let's not forget
hopscotch , hopping to number
ten was a fab goal

Now teens are getting
stabbed left to die very young
Families broken

Instead of going
outside to find joy in our
good Mother Nature

they prefer there phones!
Whats happen to geniune

Where we'd knock on doors
and ring bells to see happy
loving faces smile

Tis real sad you know..
Technogly just too much..
And gangs are killing

Makes me unhappy
My heart goes out to those who
have been affected

:( :( :(
Reality sometimes is just not nice :(
over 50 teens and people have been stabbed and killed since xmas  due to a point system it's very worrying indeed :makes me so sad :( :( :(
Written by
Donna  F
       ---, jennifer delong, Carina, ---, Diya and 10 others
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