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Donna Mar 2018
When I was little
There wa a little toyshop
It was so little

On my birthday when
I was little I'd visit
the little toyshop

It had little toys
and some big toys , it made my
little red heart big

When I was little
the sky looked big , now I'm big
the sky still looks big

When I was little
my house was big , now I'm big
my house is little

When I was little
Daisies looked little ,,now I'm
big..they're still little

Everything is big
And everything is little
Ants are little too  

This is a little
poem , yet my mind is big
like the universe
Just playing with the words little and big :)
Donna Mar 2018
She took her book and
walked to her favourite place
Her local library

The rain was pelting
down literally bending her
bright blue umbrella

even in stormy times
Her umbrella colour of
a warm summer sky

tried to comfort her
protecting her as the rain
formed a big puddle

She walked through big doors
Her heart beated like a whisked
egg upon day earth

Twirling and twirling
Her mind hip hopped until her soft fingers tips catched

a falling night star
She crushed it with her anger
Frustrated at life

Her emotions waved
like a raging sea licking
at her pending hate

And like bag of sweets
mixed with cola cubes and mints
bubblegums and tunes

they clashed together
Yet all eaten by the same mouth
Leaving a stromg taste

She coughed loudly and
everyone looked at her not
knowing who she was

Like a stranger with
no smile her tears rolled down her
fancy tweed Beige coat

falling into her
red ankle boots where rainbows
blossomed into smiles

She wandered around
Until she found a book full
of spring butterflies

Was then she realised
She knew her shyness was full
Full of quietness

Until one day it had
had enough and bent her grey railings down to ground

Maybe this time she
will speak her thoughts without them
planting a seed deep

Yes a flower blooms
but then it bows back to ground
Only to bloom again
a story :) not sure it makes really makes sense but Just writing what comes to mind :)
Donna Mar 2018
She wore her hair in
a long plait , her coat smelled of
summers soft washing

She looked up at sky
The clouds gathered together
To brighten her day

O clouds in big sky
So fluffy soft gentle white
Sailing without oars

A mother kisses
her baby's head , the sky wrapped
her in a warm hug

Then they disappeared
The young girl carried on with
her day of study

What had she learnt , was
today an ordinary
day like yesterday

Pigeons and magpies
Walk on ground looking her way
Birds fly in big sky

A curtain opens
To a world of magical
Beasts and princesses

Can she tell any
one would they believe her in
a world full of judge

Sinking in deeper
Her silence becomes serene
As loneliness lifts

And back in both worlds
All returns back to normal
Her moment over
Just playing with words :)
Donna Feb 2018
It's still cold outside
But the sky is Happy blue
And that is so true
Donna Feb 2018
A little fairy
wearing orange roller skates
Zoomed through a forest

It was winter time
So most of the animals
were hibernating

All except a nice
squirrel called Starbright , he was
of course a kind one

The fairies name was
Lucinda , she wore a pink
skater dress with bows

Her hair was yellow
and she wore it like dreadlocks
Tied in ponytail

Starbright was sitting
down eating lunch on his tree
His nuts on his tum

He rolled over on
forest fallen leaves , each one
popping like candy

The trees greeted him
everyday with a warm smile
They respected him

Lucinda then got
stuck in a muddy pond , frogs
jumped over her head

Dragonflies surfed on
lily pads , waving at her
but none stopped to help

Except for Starbright
He heard Lucinda crying
for someone to help

He raced through the big
forest , pushing trees out of
the way to help her

He was only little
But he had the strength of ten
thousand human men

He wore a blue cape
And yellow spectacles with
bionic powers

He pulled Lucinda
out of the muddy pond , she
thanked him with a hug

Lucinda was so
happy at his act of nice
genuine kindness

She decided to
make him a nice thank you card
and they became friends
A forest adventure :)
Donna Jan 2018
When I found out my
body is mostly water
I took swim lessons
I can front back and breathe Stroke and also tread water now :))
Donna Jan 2018
Coats hanging on door
Make the world a triangle
And I like it
Donna Jan 2018
can never tell the
difference between there and their
Except the t
Donna Jan 2018
if you don't smile your
cheeks will drop into your chin
giving you square face

then your end up with
a permanent serious
green hulk frown

your shoulders will fall
into your hips and your legs
into your feet

you will end up all
squashy and walk funny
like a snow penguin

so my advice is
smile everyday be happy
or be all squashy small
keep smiling or be all squashy  :))))
Donna Jan 2018
is a good friend of mine , we
eat pizza together
I love postivity and I love the humour it allows me to share o and I also love food :)
Bye for nows x
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